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Situation update June 2023

Tuesday, June 27, 2023


This post will feature a situation update followed by some collected questions and answers, partly from the comments section of this blog. As always, the clearing of the chimera group intensifies, as do the attacks onto key-persons. As there were no ground-breaking global events, you can be assured that we still are below the threshold before the veil falls.

The ‚devil’-bastards of the Andromeda faction of the chimera were by now all deported to the Central sun. Therefore, the people who are actually administering and adjusting the chimera AI are getting less and less. Their departure does not change much though as the AI will run pretty stable on its own until the Lightforces will finally be able to dismantle it soon. There are also still smaller beings mimicking these ‚devils‘, stabilized by the chimera AI and images of the originals. Therefore their influence is not completely gone, but the intensity is completely different.

Four bastards of the orion faction of the chimera are still left and are administering the chimera AI on the surface. While the Andromeda-bastards were associated with the devil, the Orion-bastards of the surface are associated with satan and satanism, they have minions of demons under their command known as shayatins/satans which are among of the worst breeds of demons on Earth. These administrators were not yet removed, because their removal is quite expensive as they took vital functions in the human infrastructure. They are the driving force behind every human government and are responsible for the illusions of the veil that still holds most humans in perpetual confusion about the real truths of Liberation and more. Covertly, these bastards control nearly every official institution of humanity - most of the executive humans in those institutions are not conscious about their sinister influence though. The main emphasis regarding removals of individuals currently lasts on these bastards as they play a central role in the remaining chimera hierarchies.

Additionally there are about twenty desendants of the first female traitor (the biblical Eve) still left who are a problem. These parasitic females are still regulating a lot of love related matters for the chimera. They will deny all opposite-sex-popularity for positive humans if they can. They pretend they are the sole expression of true femininity who may decide for all females while they are actually the opposite. They will also pretend they were the only female authorities who decide about real attractiveness of males. They furthermore cultivate other females that favour males with sociopathic traits, mentally manipulable and the ‚big player’ type of guys of the chimera, while totally neglecting the good, ensouled men. Many females still fall for their influence and run openly into their own demise, uniting with parasites in the worst cases. And many spiritual factions still fall for these hypocrite descendants, mistaking them as true, high female authorities. So if the love life of any lightworker was a problem in the past (and most positive humans had such problems), it is highly probable that these ancient female traitors were at least passively involved.

So, why is the Earth system still running without any changes? The system we are living in is basically run by the chimera AI. Even though certain core villains are being removed constantly, the veil and the system we experience will stay stable in the way the chimera has set it up earlier. If the Lightforces would invalidate the chimera-AI right now, the whole human system including vital infrastructures would collapse immediately, killing millions or even billions of humans as collateral damage. So that is pretty much the reason why even after the removal of toplet bombs and certain top chimera members we are still living the dull life we had before the Lightforces came. An additional factor is the main attachment all humans on the surface have as described below - they can certainly cause life threatening situations for their hosts pretty fast and easily.

It is important to note that we are not living in a matrix or a simulation, even Cobra named it a ‚control matrix‘ which is something different though. Rather the chimera AI manipulates and informs lifeforms from the tiniest to the largest with anti-life tendencies. From the tiniest lifeforms upwards these (parasitic) lifeforms work for their food which is sadly still humans. Most of the lifeforms in the chimera hierarchy do not even consciously know that they are consuming humans. It is a huge system consisting of partly alive beings who are directed by the chimera AI (against humanity and esp. enemies of the chimera). They can basically target big parts of the involved beings against key persons and they actually did so several times.

First contact

It is not a physical first contact yet but close enough, this contact reaches short below the buddhic plane and such a contact did not happen yet to that degree for a human and a member of the Central Race. The Central Race accidentally found an ascendant or rather one of the bigger Starseeds while they were on patrol. An ascendant who was high enough regarding ascension and high enough regarding his closer environment so it became visible. This is regarded the very first contact of this type although it is not yet physical and it was therefore retaliated by enormous attacks. The chimera was instantly disassembling all connections to the Lightforces and trying to isolate and assimilate the technology of the Central Race member. The big attacks also concentrated onto the ascendant who was visited, he was mainly burdened with huge amounts of anomaly to break the two apart and make them threats for each other. Shortly after these attacks the Central Race acknowledged that the overall situation is much worse than monitored before this contact. Also the contamination and effects of the anomaly are much worse than anyone on the ships realised yet. However these new insights will not delay anything important, as the highest descendants of the Prime Creator and the highest Starseeds have the complete overview for all vital Liberation operations. Human bodies were confirmed as a phenomenon, as they recover extremely fast from the anomaly. Also it was seen that everything humans consume has more or less concentration of anomaly with it, especially soft drugs like alcohol etc. induce a lot of anomaly. Since this contact was established, the member of the Central Race is crucial for the advance of the Lightforces including the Goddess towards the surface. The Central Race decided to let their member build a small base because the location and acquaintance is very good to learn about what the chimera does at the front towards key-persons. What the Central Race and basically all other species of Liberation learned via this contact is priceless information that will lead to big advances and acceleration for Liberation in general. They are also learning to locate and remove the chimera parasites and main attachments of humans much faster. Also his presence on the surface is a big step forward for the Goddess herself and the species on the ships to sharpen their senses and detectors regarding the remaining chimera and more. So basically it is a good training the Starseed conducts with the Central Race to finally get harsher judgement to the surface fast.

Implant clearing

The first ascendant was freed of his main attachment. This ascendant is therefore paving the way in implant removal in general and this personal liberation is a big step forward in Liberation Earth in general (more info on this attachment in this post).

The main attachment every human has is an alien being, serving the chimera, which is in most cases millions of years old itself and highly intelligent in a predator way. This attachment is the ‚cage‘ for every human since their conception. A cage that will kill their victims if it is opened without most extensive precautions. Humans are completely incapable to escape from it themselves nowadays. It eats through your whole being, meaning the assimilation becomes more severe over the course of your life. Many humans (by now about 70-80%) have given up the fight against this main attachment, especially since 1996. These humans might be nice and friendly on the surface but secretly and many times subconsciously, they will do what the attachment/chimera wants. The less a human fights against the attachment, the more they become 'owned property' of the chimera, that means the chimera does what they want with that human (that is meant by ‚possession‘ in ancient scriptures). The main attachment, which comes with all humans, is also the main reason why the chimera can sometimes create many-to-one or even all-to-one scenarios which are absolutely cruel for the victims. The average lifespan of humans is the average time these attachments usually need to ‚win’ against their hosts. Lifespan was much higher in ancient times than it is nowadays (you will find evidence only in some old, holy scriptures, science still denies the true history of humanity). Removing the main attachment takes several years at this time, in most cases about 5-10 years and ressources for these removals are extremely limited on the surface until compression breakthrough. To give an example, the central computer on the mothership of the colonists runs warm on solving the problems necessary for its removal. If those problems are not solved or not solved in a certain timespan, the host dies during the attempt to free him. It is pretty much one patient at a time before the Event due to solutions that need high computational power and other problems that usually arise. Therefore there are currently only approximately 10 people on the surface of Earth being completely free of this main attachment and all implants, most of them are part of the resistance movement. Estimation for removal, once the Lightforces have landed on the surface, will still be several months per human for a while. Also freeing several humans at once will then be possible. The longer the timespan after the landing / compression breakthrough, the faster the removals can be accomplished.

Related to the main attachment, you might have noticed that many people in the comments section of the Portal are mentally instable or even insane, seemingly just by getting in contact with spiritual truths. This is already the gradual detachment from the chimera hive mind - these people are beginning to become self-reliant in their mind. It is the beginning of ascension for some. Few will be strong enough to mentally stand on their own and it is a long way which the Lightforces will soon be able to ease more than ever. Even less humans will be strong enough to go through the hardships to be freed from their main attachment completely, that is why the majority of humanity will have to be evacuated, just as Cobra said. Despite compression breakthrough inevitably happening, getting rid of all implants including the main attachment will stay to be a hard way - simply as Earth will stay to be overflowing with parasitic, unseen beings for decades. The rewards for those ascendants who get through all that on Earth will be quite good though, so it will be worth staying here for those who are big enough to go that way. An additional burden for getting free of all implants is that the bounty the remaining chimera sets for those free humans will be high, so the highest ascendants will be hunted by all sorts of parasitic vermin for some time. That is actually a good argument for some ascendants to go through this personal liberation process later, as the weight they carry for a higher ascension will be heavy, maybe for a reasonably long time. Even after the Event some such parasitic tendencies will remain a problem. So personal liberation is one of the most difficult but also most rewarding things humans could ever accomplish and the current total Liberation of Earth actually favours this way.

A positive army of human psychics was formed via a broadcast of the Lightforces, reaching various psychic factions who are currently active throughout the world. These were for the first time instructed about the deeper truths of the invasion and many were convinced via this broadcast to join the Lightforces to the highest degree possible for them. In general, the psychic domain stays to be over-flooded by imposters and hypocrites though - there are too many psychics who fell for the illusions of the chimera or are even part of the chimera or cabal. That is why most ascendants should remain very skeptic towards any psychic contact - especially towards those who incriminate legitimate sources of knowledge like the Portal blog.

It should be self-explanatory, but making fun of others, bullshitting or tricking them is of course a parasitic trait and belongs to the sociopathic traits Cobra described as crucial. It is trying to lower others to be bigger than them. This is what the chimera does constantly, this kind of tricking keeps humans in perpetual illusion, necessary to feed off them unseen. Many humans establish this sociopathic trait as well by trying to trick others to gain more of something for themselves - this trained flaw is visible especially in human businesses with money involved but is of course heavily active in private lifes as well. This trait and method is highly related to the size-illusion the chimera established to invert the natural order and make big souls seem small.

What is the difference between the Prime Creator, God(s) and Source?

First of none of the three words describe even roughly the same, they are all very different beings who are not really connected nowadays. The Prime Creator is the first lifeform that formed in this universe. He was huge and contained almost everything that has later become the universe in himself. Firstoff he built a space around him which he enjoyed. He was a rather male being judging from archetypic characteristics. He later split up similar to cell-division in the human body and created more lifeforms besides him in the space. All these descendants of the Prime Creator later created their offspring in similar ways on their own. While they were populating the universe, the bigger ones also made design-decisions about the space around them. Some of these design decisions were mistakes, as we see pretty well in the scenario and suffering that happened on the Earth. The Prime Creator later decided to dive into his own creation and spread out into pretty much everything. He does not have an intact body or a single consciousness anymore nowadays. The highest descendants of the Prime Creator who are still intact are participating in the Liberation of Earth. They were oftentimes mentioned on this blog as the last instance of help, when the rest of the Lightforces fail. God is a being who is on Earth since several hundred million years and joined the first colonists back then. Most of the time, the term God is used synonymously with the first colonists as both of them are still quite close descendants of the Prime Creator. Both are bright white light but not very big in ‚fleet size‘. That means God was oftentimes outnumbered by other alien species but definitely has the higher technology by far, as he, as well as the colonists are simply earlier souls. In unison with the colonists, God is the one who held Earth stable despite the invasion of the chimera. He also feels high responsibility for humanity because one of his children fell for and joined the parasites (similar as being told in the bible). He therefore eases the effects of this traitorship for the rest of humanity to the highest degree possible and makes life acceptable despite the chimera. However he as well as the first colonists could obviously not solve the situation or win against the chimera without the Lightforces. Indicated by the plural, there were more Gods on Earth besides God and there still are some smaller and even positive ones around. However one notable huge God besides the God described above was here earlier and he is heavily tied to the atlantean fall or the first cataclysm of that kind on the Earth. He was bigger than God, but a later soul, that means less bright white light. He also was not that flawless in character. However he had a huge influence on the fundamental system on Earth (not the human control system but much more fundamental) and therefore he is oftentimes the God humans reference by the eye in the pyramid which simply is an old symbol for God. As the triangle is the most simple geometric form, it stands for this fundamental system through which this old God still watches and rules over the Earth. The symbol has of course been bastardised by the chimera numerous times since then. This God left the Earth approximately around the peak of the Greek high-culture and left behind many followers to date. However many followers joined his enemies when they fell for the chimera and therefore much of his old cults are by now just the cabal and or chimera-illusions. This God will return as part of the Liberation of Earth when it is time. Last, but not least Source is the one who sponsored the universe, the one who made the universe possible and put the best energies around into a big sphere (metaphorically speaking) to create it. He was not really active in the universe before certain problems (basically the primary anomaly) took the upper hand in some systems, like on Earth. As mentioned above, the universe has a few design flaws, created by early lifeforms which no one can correct because those lifeforms themselves are not intact anymore or they simply do not have the power to correct something so big after it developed upon their fault that far already. That is where Source has to come into their universe to save it from self-destruction or rather to help out with the child-disease we know as the primary anomaly. While many people think Source is male too, like many big gods presented on Earth, Source is actually a couple, so we may speak of the highest couple currently in the universe but actually they were rather living outside of the universe for a long time. However at the same time upon entering the universe Source actually are in the universe like they are part of it and descended from the Prime Creator at the same time. It is hard to explain but Source are participating in Liberation and they are the highest descendants of the Prime Creator mentioned many times on this blog although they were not really around at that time inside of the universe - it is like they fast forwarded and started at the beginning to be able to help properly. While many people think they are just Source experiencing themselves, that is wrong. While Source is able to go into basically everything, people are not Source by default. Source has capabilities to become everything, it is not the other way round. Also many think Source is all encompassing love, but they are not very fond of the chimera and parasites in general. Source are here to remove these parasitic beings from creation to actually save creation. Therefore Source will only love and accept those beings who are in harmony with the universal fundamentals, which are of course life oriented. They will definitely deny subversive beings like the chimera and several other alien species involved and will eventually care for them being thrown out of the universe. That removal is necessary for the universe to survive and you can see the universe as a child of Source, they care for it and it also becomes a place to live and have fun in for this couple eventually.

Can you tell us more about these biggest Starseeds who are planning this big party? How can we get in touch with them?

The party is of course invite only, as is the planning. Also no-one plans this party as humans would, all of the planning is happening on the spiritual while the party itself is physical. That means the participants will be contacted once they are ready. Even that contact will be on the spiritual and shortly before their participation of party actually starts, so there will be almost no waiting times, once you are invited, you are almost ready. Also important to know is that this is no ordinary party with social awkwardness like some readers guessed. The party is just the start of the first ‚islands of light‘ which is of course solely about doing whatever the participants want to do. It is about (personal) fulfillment whether this happens in a group of like-minded people or even alone. The participants will be able to do nearly whatever they want constantly. But of course this will be bound to earthly reality and some predispositions of their life so far. But it will get very fulfilling for the participants fast, whatever their dreams and wishes for their life were, there will finally be a way to actually experience that (mainly in the radius of the ‚islands of light‘ for the beginning of course).

Why is the pregnancy mechanism a tool for the chimera? Are sexual organs not just for procreating? How do we procreate then after the Event?

The chimera introduced pregnancy as the main means to procreate for some of the first humans when they emerged. The first colonists did not really care because they saw the first humans as much smaller and animal-like compared to themselves. They thought it was acceptable to keep that mechanism for procreation for a lower species like that, as it would have costed a lot of energy to cancel these plans of the chimera. Sexual organs are usually created for unity, not for procreating - they were merely adopted by the chimera and changed towards procreation. It was the chimera who made the sick connection between the enormous fulfilling fun of unity/sex and creating/caring/duty for offspring - offspring which they rather saw as their forth-coming and food on Earth. They tried to mix the highest fulfilment for humans (unity/sex) with the duty to create further hosts for the parasitic chimera to eat from. If the colonists knew how that played out back then, they would have probably canceled the pregnancy mechanism. After the Event, humans who ascended and were not evacuated will consciously create their offspring. While nowadays upon pregnancy this planning of offspring-characteristics is not just genetic but also done by automatisms and even consciously by members of the chimera. The ascendants will instead do that themselves. They will select a soul and care for equipping every body part of every body type (mental, emotional, physical, etc. ) with corresponding conscious units (mainly this could be described as spirits for certain parts). So they will meticulously plan every detail of their offspring including the design of their bodies. The bodies could grow like babies but it will also be possible to create offspring in fully grown human (or even just human-like) bodies. This of course heavily depends on the skill of the ascendants regarding these arts. The happiness of the offspring will be in the absolute centre of their creation, like it should have been throughout the universe all the time.

Then why to wait [with the evacuations] until the last minutes before the pole shift with the chaos, deaths and trauma that it would imply?

It is rather the case that the Lightforces will delay the pole-shift and other catastrophes (as far as possible) till those humans who cannot survive here are evacuated. After no human has to die from these catastrophes anymore and all humans have been evacuated or are safe on Earth, the Lightforces will let go of the stabilisation and delay they established towards these natural disasters. Some of these disasters are also tied to the liberation of Gaia herself and she was and will be persuaded by the Lightforces to wait until evacuations happened.

I'm having trouble understanding, the greys do have a divine essence, a soul, their civilization will disappear but they will return to the Source? Like the Atlanteans who will be banished from this universe, they can't be healed, or purified. I thought the Source was Love, but is the Source the same for all Universes?

As mentioned above, Source have by far no mercy with parasites or heavily parasitic beings, if they are being seen as subversive against the universe and have to be removed for the universe to survive. Source of this universe are not the owner of all universes in existence. No worries, there are no links to other universes, they are just like lifeforms or rooms for Source.

If a human dies now... what about the implants and the veil of forgetfulness? If people reincarnate into a baby's body again, will there be new implants? Will reincarnated people have the same restrictions as those who are still incarnated now?

Everything is the same as before until compression breakthrough in the worst case. There were some improvements, Lords of Karma have been removed and so on, so people could get lucky but there is no guarantee until Lightforces have taken over. Basically everything is a bit better, people have good chances to have less implants on birth but it is still far from safe or big changes until compression breakthrough/the Event.

When The Event happens will walls of amnesia be lifted too (unveiling), are we going to start remembering our past lives and past experiences? And if that is true, will only starseeds who are on high level of consciousness start to remember or will every human start to remember even those who are on lower levels of consciousness? Will it be gradually or it will be overwhelmingly vivid? [another comment: ] What about our amnesia? When is it going to end respectively, when will we be able to remember everything from our past?

If everything runs smooth the ascendants will themselves choose to dive into their own hidden memories. Before compression breakthrough some key persons and ascendants on the front could be aggressively attacked with their own memories of traumata of the (veiled) past. It is of course traumatic to realise their past traumata again and the chimera will use that. But after compression breakthrough, the memories are optional and ascendants decide what and how much of that they want to see and remember step by step. It will be much to absorb and it will be exhausting even for the biggest ascendants that is also why the chimera uses those memories as attacks towards certain people at the moment.

Victory of the Light!