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Special chimera removal on May 9th

Friday, May 12, 2023

A new short post due to the importance of the removal:

The energy amount for the relatively safe removal of the first female, human traitor was finally reached on May 9th. The whole cabal chain-letter collapsed for a short time immediately after her departure, followed by cheering on all ships and in the positive spiritual factions of Earth.

She was the one who basically received the biggest part of the energy-income of the chimera, which was drained from many suffering humans (and other lifeforms) on Earth. She was therefore one of the core problems which caused much of the suffering for humanity since she sold her soul to the chimera early in the colonisation (similar to the story in the Bible). She had a contract with the chimera which basically converted the suffering of humanity into joy for her. She was to this very day one of those humans who had the most fun on the whole planet constantly.

The Lightforces were busy stabilizing for days as were many ascendants everywhere. If you had especially physiological, body related problems in the last days including sleepiness, more of your usual problems or even new problems, that is pretty much the reason. Remember that you are the ones who keep the victims stable throughout many unseen realms as well as on the physical - however, the workload was and still is immense for all who are involved in liberation.

Also the chimera tried to fake an effect that happens upon the removal of big souls. If a big soul is killed, the whole world gets a bit darker immediately. As the first female traitor was the mother for the chimera, they tried to emulate the effect of all of Earth darkening. The trick resembled approximately what happened during the first big cataclysm on Earth which many people know as 'fall of Atlantis' (details might be laid open in an upcoming update). Many people fell for the big trick, which should convince more people to join the chimera - stating that the removal of the first female traitor was a big mistake, executed by the Lightforces. But the whole effect was just a fake the chimera meticulously planned since a while. Shortly after a few big participants of the Liberation were questioning the authenticity of the phenomenon, the Lightforces laid open several inconsistencies which differentiated the fake effect from a real one. Nevertheless many people in many realms and grids fell for the trick and believe that the first female, human traitor was a big soul - while she actually was rather the opposite. These people who fell for the trick now question the Lightforces and Liberation because of that. These people cannot really easily be informed that it was a fake, they believe what they perceive as significant energy dynamics, although they were faked in this case. So the trick was generally a win for the chimera and is hard to clear up for the Lightforces at the time being.

Another note, her removal does not mean that all evil expressions of femininity on Earth are gone. Firstoff there are still other chimera-females, secondly the chimera keeps part of the first female traitor active by replicating her image and generally keeping her active via AI. So, while this is a big relief throughout all of Liberation, it does not remove all problems related to femininity of course.