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Updates from Corey Goode May 9, 2023

Tuesday, May 9, 2023


I am hoping to have new briefings soon. After the LOC went fully off line for the SSP Alliance, information has had to come through other sources – mostly ET allies.

Right now our Solar System is in the most pivotal phases of choosing our timelines. As I stated prior, each star or planet is its own sphere of time that flows differently than all others. On Earth, Humanity is in a fever pitch battle to decide between timelines. This battle is being made even more difficult to fight due to the energetic changes that are affecting Humanity. The energies ramped up slowly over decades so that Humanity didn’t notice… Even now, people are in the midst of stress induced mental psychosis yet don’t realize that they are acting as crazy as everyone else. Humanity has a tall order… overcoming our collective Karma while going through this energetic process is the only way we will earn a positive timeline.

What is happening on Earth is the biggest show in the Galaxy right now. We have many civilizations that are observing us and rooting for us to win this battle. The Orion Group and Human Cabal is extremely worried that we will come together and choose a reality free of their prison disguised as a civilization… This is why the powers that be have completely divided every group possible on a global level. They take advantage of the end times madness that is supposed to be a catalyst to push us to evolve and turn it into a weapon of fear and control. How many of us are able to snap out of our current way of thinking and burry the hatchet with the groups we are battling — realizing that the division was caused by our common enemy?

It appears my next briefings won’t occur until sometime in June. I was told they will be pretty comprehensive and mostly have to do with the cleanup of the Galaxy of the Orion Group and their allies. They are mostly forced back to a few solar systems that they have beach heads in – including our own solar system. The Orion Group is cornered but not fully defeated… but soon will be. While the various ETs and some Human groups are out fighting the last vestiges of the Orion Group… They are counting on us to do our part here on Earth by choosing a positive timeline and entering a new era of evolution and ascension. Are you up for the challenge?