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The gnostic illuminati was right, we really are dealing with a rogue AI

Fulford Boatr

Monday, January 17, 2022

As the old adage goes, truth is stranger than fiction. It turns out the gnostic Illuminati (GI) were right, we really are dealing with a rogue AI that controls the Khazarian mafia. Humanity must defeat this AI or become slave-robots working eternally to serve a machine mind.

When the GI first contacted the White Dragon Society to warn of the AI, we were skeptical. Then, we contacted one of the original members of the top-secret MJ12 group set up by President Dwight Eisenhower to study “aliens.” He told me his group had come to the same conclusion.

Now we are getting dramatic new evidence showing this is the case. As we reported recently, the White Hats thought they scored a major victory by apprehending Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) head Klaus Schwab, and EU Central Bank Head Christine Lagarde in Antarctica.

Well, Schwab has been apparently replaced by an AI. Now, this week the WEF will be holding a “virtual Davos” where they brag “The global COVID-19 crisis has acted as a worldwide accelerator for the rollout of artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives.”

The WEF also promises that key organizations including WHO, IMF and the World Bank are working together in order to provide extra financial support to the WHO and its COVAX partners for “providing all countries with equal access to vaccination.”

Now Russia’s FSB has determined what is in a large portion of these vaccinations the WEF wants to impose on humanity: nanobots allowing remote control of humans by an AI. This new concept proposes using neural nanobots to connect to the human brain’s neocortex – the newest, smartest, ‘conscious’ part of the brain – to the ‘synthetic neocortex’ in the cloud. The nanobots would then provide direct, real-time monitoring and control of signals to and from brain cells.

This week a group of leadership avatars will be promoting this agenda at the virtual Davos. Digital persona (AI representatives) who will attend this forum include: Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, Kishida Fumio, Prime Minister of Japan, António Guterres, Secretary-General, United Nations, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia, Naftali Bennett, Prime Minister of Israel, Janet L. Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury of the United Statesm, Yemi Osinbajo, Vice-President of Nigeria, Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor of Germany, Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF), John F. Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate of the United States of America, Christine Lagarde, President, European Central Bank, Anthony S. Fauci, Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health of the United States of America etc.

Our CIA sources say the person appearing as Fauci on TV screens is definitely an AI avatar because the real Fauci was executed. They also forwarded this to us:

The entity masquerading as the [Biden] administration’s surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, is not a man but computer-generated imagery (CGI) superimposed on a dynamic algorithm that pushes a fictitious Covid narrative from some hidden crevice in Washington, D.C., said Lt. David Hoffer, a program analyst at U.S. Army Cyber Command Headquarters at Fort Gordon.

A massive counter-attack against this AI and its brainwashed human servants is now underway, according to Asian Secret Society, CIA, MI6, NSA and FSB sources. This is being seen in a lot of seemingly unconnected, but dramatic, events around the world ranging from Antarctica and the South Pacific to the North of Norway.

For example, the Haarp array in Norway that was causing the La Palma volcano in the Atlantic to erupt was taken out by British special forces, according to MI6.

As a result of this attack, the La Palma volcano in the Atlantic has stopped erupting. This means the East Coast of the United States is no longer being threatened with a 100-meter tsunami.

The removal of this threat has now finally allowed the white hat military to take direct action against the Khazarian mafia and related AI servants inside the United States.

This caused the AI posing as US presidential spokesperson Jen Psaki to malfunction (As background, David Rockefeller grandson Mark Zuckerberg had been playing the Psaki role until he/she caught Covid and disappeared for 12 days before being replaced by an AI avatar). In any case, the malfunctioning Psaki AI issued the following threats last week:

“We are Looking at efforts across the country for ways to STOP PEOPLE from exercising their FUNDAMENTAL rights…MORE THAN 13,000 NATIONAL GUARDS HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED IN 48 STATES TO SUPPORT VACCINATIONS….”

What is really happening is the AI is trying to use mind-controlled troops to fight the United States militia who have been activated in 43 states and are moving in on Washington DC.

This news reflects the ongoing struggle to liberate the United States:

YOUNG ARMY soldiers will fight seasoned freedom fighters in two dozen North Carolina counties in a two-week “guerrilla warfare” exercise in which they will try to overthrow an ILLEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT

The removal of the likely blackmailed and compromised Prince Andrew as head of the U.S. and British navies was a key event that enabled the counterattack, according to MI6 and NSA sources.

The new head of the Navy stated: Britain is run by the Admiralty, it is a country of naval intelligence. We cannot allow a member of the Navy to be involved in this.

Moreover, the official position of the Admiralty was as follows: No laboratory in the entire world has proven the existence of Covid 19, which means that the civilian governments of the world have been committing treason for two years.

They are now trying to retreat. The head of the fourth empire, George Bush, was executed, so the fourth empire is fighting back.” Other sources agree that the battle is raging.

NSA sources state, for example: The U.S. Navy’s swastika-shaped headquarters has been flooded and ties to the NAZIs destroyed.

Then the following dramatic video of a “massive volcanic eruption in Tonga” was released.

Video at:

According to CIA sources in the South Pacific region: this was a destruction of a massive DUMB with tunnels leading in all directions. Note that a major earthquake occurred in the Sunda Strait in Indonesia at about the same time. Another DUMB was destroyed.Another contact added: Tonga has some Chinese-owned tunnels and deep submarine accesses. This is because of the deep waters surrounding the shallow coral coast. They have been destroyed.”

We were also able to contact a senior Russian FSB source on the situation in Ukraine who said, “We don’t want to rule Ukraine, we just want to remove the fascists installed by UN agents like Victoria Nuland.

The FSB and the Russians consider the UN as their real enemy and the fake Biden administration as UN representatives, the source said. Russia is trying to rebuild the USSR.

The UN is trying to surround Russia militarily and support color revolutions. But when the UN tries to destabilize Russia, it’s nothing new, it’s been repeating the same thing for 20 or 25 years, so now we know how to stop it. Russia has the right to occupy Ukraine. Ukraine is nothing more than a money laundering operation, so if Russia invades Ukraine, God bless them, MI6 says.

The removal of Prince Andrew opened Naval Intelligence files showing that the Nazis were operating 16 biochemical warfare facilities in Ukraine. According to CIA sources, the Nazis also actively murdered all political opponents in Ukraine.

Now it’s time for revenge. On Friday night, a Russian nuclear submarine surfaced off the coast of Norfolk, VA. The submarine has 16 Bulava missiles, each armed with ten independent nuclear warheads. At the same time, Russia sent amphibious assault ships to the Swedish coast.

According to the FSB source, an agreement was reached with the U.S. and Chinese militaries to address the root cause of the problem, which they believe is the UN.

The whole idea of the UN is outdated. It is not a unity of countries. It enforces the rules of one country,” the source said.

The one country the source is referring to is not the United States, but the AI-led group currently holding its virtual summit in Davos.

The FSB is also cracking down on vaccine pushers and politicians who are bribed by vaccine pushers, the source said.

In any case, more and more people are pulling back from the vaccine agenda. All of this is now coming to light. The U.S. military’s DARPA program released groundbreaking evidence that the vaccine and fake pandemic was a deliberate, high-level coordinated manslaughter of millions of people.

The newly released military documents contradict Dr. Fauci’s testimony under oath.

Here is the entire DARPA PDF file for readers who want to do their own study.

DARPA is not alone.

As one CIA source notes, “Hackers have broken into all the pharmaceutical companies and stolen all the medical data on vaccines, thank goodness!

The great awakening has broken out! Forward this link everywhere.

The hack revealed, among other things, that some vaccine batches were 50 times more deadly than others. This supports the idea that insiders were given placebos or safe vaccines while undesirables were deliberately poisoned. This type of evidence is more than enough to justify military intervention to eliminate corrupt civilian governments and the UN.

One NSA source agrees, saying that Nuremberg-style public tribunals will begin in April. Of course, other sources say the trials have been underway for some time. We also note that Donald Trump has resurfaced and is no longer advocating for vaccines.

We are done with regulations. Regulations are a disaster for a country, he said, arguing that vaccine regulations are absolutely decimating our economy.

The Trump who appears at rallies in the U.S. is actually his doppelganger (the one with the white eye and double chin), NSA sources said.

However, he is authorized by the real Trump to speak on his behalf, the sources said. The real Trump is at Thule Air Force Base preparing for the upcoming military campaign to liberate the United States, the sources added.

Asian secret societies, MI6 and other sources say they support this Trump. The liberation of the U.S. will then trigger the overthrow of the UN, etc., several sources agree. A commander of the space forces commented on the overall situation as follows:

There is a complete system collapse. It has already begun. After that, some people will try to go on with their lives, but life will not be the same. Everything will change. Courts, schools, banks, etc. The missile attack on North Korea, Russia’s wartime invasion, the CCP’s invasion of Taiwan – all this is just a show.

We are also no longer under the control of the British monarchy. The Rothschild, Rockefeller, Illuminati pyramid, Bush and Clinton dynasties are all dissolved. The Covid 19 fraud demy is now being wound up very quickly. Watch Fauci, because this is the key.

We will see.


By Benjamin Fulford