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SSP Update: THE ANDROMEDA SYNDICATE – Beware Galactic Federations of Seductive Human ETs

Wednesday, 27th of July, 2022


Please see the first full video of the update:

  • The Zulu – representatives of the Sphere Being Alliance Guardians of our own Galaxy – whose planet is now the headquarters for the local confederation of star systems – were recently contacted by their counterparts from the Andromeda Galaxy. This group was introduced through their own Galactic Guardians through our own. More on the Zulu in our next video update.

  • This new group called themselves the “Hue” or “Hew” and were 6.5 – 7.5 feet tall and had dark blue skin with dark black eyes and hair. They were dressed in tight-fitting silver garments that looked like they were Mummy wrapped onto their bodies and feet.

  • The Hew shared eons of Andromeda’s history that mirrored very closely what has gone on within our own Galaxy and many others from our local Galactic Neighborhood.

  • The Hew recounted how their own Galaxy has been fighting against their own AI prophets and groups like the Orion Group in ours. The Hew described how the outer rims of both Andromeda and the Milky Way have turned into the last remaining battlegrounds in these two Galaxies.

  • The Andromeda Galaxy had its own version of the Super Federation to oversee Cosmic Law and Inner-Stellar Agreements while protecting the natural evolution of emerging civilizations. As in our own Galactic Super Federation – The Andromedin Super Federation succumbed to corruption and began to rationalize their way around Cosmic Laws as they were more and more influenced by their version of the Orion Group who were Trojan Horse AI Prophets.

  • The Andromeda Super Federation was recently disbanded by their Galactic Guardians and a new system of Galactic Management is being introduced with the Guardians being in direct control.

  • The Guardians are higher density – almost angelic – beings that work directly on behalf of the LOGOS or personality of their Galaxy. Each Galaxy is similar to a fractal of the One Infinite Creator and has its own frequency and purpose. Each Galactic LOGOS creates its own flow of time, consciousness, and experience. Similarly, each Star in a Galaxy is its own LOGOS that acts like a replicator – Energy from the Cosmic Web feeds each Star through its center and then feeds out through the star and manifests as matter that is ejected and then begins to organize creating everything we experience in this physical reality. More on the Guardians and Galactic Trials in an upcoming video update

  • The Hew shared that the Andromeda Galaxy had not only been dealing with their own AI Prophet Groups but had also had several encounters with the bad guys from our Galaxy who have been collaborating with one another. They had run into several Orion Group, Reptilian, and Dark Fleet assets within their outer rim while battling their own bad guys.

  • The Hew named their bad guys “the Andromeda Syndicate” which was made up of dozens of ET groups that have been compromised by the AI god and its technology. The Hew reported that the Andromeda Syndicate had been largely defeated and had withdrawn to a hand full of star systems that they considered strongholds within the outer rims of their and our Galaxies.

  • The most cunning and ruthless member of the Andromeda Syndicate – A group of beings we call the Rogue Federation – has been infiltrating the star systems within our Galaxy for thousands of years under the guise of creating trade partnerships and supporting emerging civilizations with new technologies and religious beliefs to aid in their quality of life and advancement as a species.

  • These Rogue Federations had become AI Prophets long ago – adopted nanites into their bodies and surrendered their organic existence for one of servitude of their AI god. Their organic bodies were slowly replaced by inorganic matter that mimics the body functions of their once organic body. They appear and feel fully natural to the touch but are no longer flesh and blood beings like we are.

  • The Rogue Federation members can change their appearance but within our own Galaxy most often appear as very attractive tall Caucasians between the ages of 28 and 48 years old. This group has earned a reputation as the most cunning, deceitful, and dangerous member of the Andromeda Syndicate. They had misled countless star systems within their own Galaxy and our own and were able to contribute to the corruption of the Super Federations of both Galaxies – a system that had operated flawlessly as far back in time as even the Guardians can remember.

  • This Rogue Federation group has been isolated to a couple of dozen star systems along with their allies from two Galaxies. In our own local stellar neighborhood of 52 star systems – the Orion Group, Reptilians, Insectoids, and Mantids along with the Dark Fleet and numerous other AI Prophet Groups are trapped in two star systems that they consider strongholds. Aldebaran and our own Solar System are where these groups are planning to take their last stands. They have amassed large armadas in these two star systems in anticipation of the big battle to come and to somehow avoid the Cosmic Trials that are already beginning throughout our Galactic Cluster.

  • In our Galaxy – The Orion Group, Reptilians, Insectoids/Mantids, and their allies have been rooted out of star-system by star-system. These ET groups have tricked emerging civilizations on countless planets into creating religions that enslave their co-creative consciousness as these religions program them to look to the sky for gods to worship or to save them. These civilizations are tricked into using their co-creative abilities into creating versions of Hell that become alternate dimensions where souls are trapped and where demons and devils are conjured from the shadow side of their mass consciousness.

  • As each star system is liberated and goes through its own version of a solar flash – a natural cosmic cycle – the negative groups find themselves cast into the Hell they helped create until the cosmic level trials begin. Towards the center of both Galaxies, the more evolved civilization has been capturing the negative groups for eons and placing them in pocket dimensions that they have created to imprison them until the cosmic trials.

  • I will discuss the ET Group from our local stellar neighborhood that we call the ZULU. We will learn some of their over 2-billion-year history and how they evolved through solar eruptions in their solar system that drove them deep into their planet where they have thrived ever since. Their star shifted into a higher density and changed the energetics of their entire solar system. Their planet ended up being unique in our Galaxy and its internal crystalline structure ended up extending their life spans and giving them ascended abilities.

Corey Goode