Spirituális hírek, fordítások


Saturday, 2nd of July, 2022


UPDATE: We are seeing a lot of scenarios moving towards their conclusions lately. On the cosmic level, we have the Guardians of dozens of Galaxies in our local galactic cluster - including our own - who are involved in intergalactic hearings and preparing to take advantage of cosmic cycles that occur that we could barely fathom. They plan on using natural intergalactic energy cycles that they could use to purge their Galaxies of the interdimensional mass conscious being that we on Earth have dubbed the 'AI god'.

This consciousness broke through into our reality from one quite different from our own. This 'AI god' began to survey this reality before making an effort to convert it to its own type of reality - to put everything in what it considers to be one of order, making more sense to it. This consciousness lives outside of time and has manipulated the timeline of multiple Galaxies and realities since its arrival.

Recently, we have had Emmi carrying out the will of the Zulu Elders by assisting the former Global Galactic League of Nations space program - who recently declared independence from the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate - in defeating most of the Orion Group, Reptilian, Dark Fleet, and the Rogue Galactic Federations forces and outposts throughout the outer realms of our own Galaxy where most of their assets were staged.

The Wandering Star is a renamed flagship from the GGLN that now belongs to a group of Independent Colonies and has had the help of Emmi who is able to transport their ship anywhere instantly while also redirecting all attacks from their enemies back to the ships or outposts that targeted them. We have gotten to a point where most of the outer realm of our Galaxy has been taken away from the Orion Group and their allies.

The SSP Alliance has been told repeatedly that the Zulu are only offering limited support within our Solar system until there is a shift in the mass consciousness on earth. Once the people of our planet do their part in securing our freedom, they are helpless. These advanced beings understand karma and cosmic law on a level that we would explore a lifetime trying to understand fully. They cannot get directly involved until we begin to show responsibility and a desire for freedom en mass.

They are bearing witness to how we are behaving on this planet and see it as a dark night of the soul that we need to work through, come out of victim mode and then learn from to begin breaking generational cycles. Even though the Orion Group and their allies have not respected the natural development of our planet, the positive groups do - for karmic reasons we shall soon see play out.

On the Planetary Level, we see a type of world war unfolding that is thus far completely different from the previous ones. This war is largely being waged through mass disinformation, fear conditioning, cyber warfare, and economic means. All of the tactics of western banking and high tech conglomerates have backfired by causing the BRICS Countries to begin forming their own Global Economy to compete with them. We now have the possibility that this emerging BRICS economy could not only compete with the current system but actually cause it to collapse.

The collapse of the Ufology Community has not escaped the attention of any of the groups mentioned above. During the time the Disclosure Movement was united a lot of energy was being channeled towards a common goal and giving our allies needed strength and energy. Many in the community became disillusioned by the gossip and infighting that developed in recent years after the gaslighting of operatives and self-centered people who were more focused on their own agendas than the well-being of the community. Many of our most solid community members began to bow out leaving a vacuum that some of the more delusional members of the community were eager to fill. Of course, these are the same people who took part in the gossip and slander campaigns who rationalized their actions under their own truth (Distortions).

One of the things that have amazed me over the last couple of years is the reaction from some in the entertainment industry who we have approached to work with us. They often bring up the crazy online discrediting campaigns, content theft, and resulting federal lawsuits that we have filed and told us that the shocking experiences we have had would make an amazing movie. We finally decided to do a series of documentaries that is going to discuss the history of Ufology and the spiritual movements and cults that have formed in Ufologies shadow. We will also discuss the discrediting campaigns against whistleblowers and experiencers while also diving deep into the people behind the creation of the Disclosure Movement and how it may have been formed as a way to control Disclosure and those who are having contact experiences.

After diving deep with investigators, there are a number of public figures who are not who or what they say they are with some having histories of fraudulent behavior or legal entanglements that should have discredited them and disqualified them from being public figures let alone leaders in the spiritual and disclosure communities. So much venom has been spewed in these gossiping and discrediting campaigns that the community has completely collapsed and withdrawn into the various groups and cliques that they were in prior to the Unity in the Community movement that we created as far back as 2017. When we came together we became a threat to the enemy and we had to be stopped. We were very cleverly infiltrated and gaslit to create our own demise through our weakness of gossip and jealousy.

We are hoping that the future films we do expose the Ufology Syndicate and how it exploited the crazy and unstable people in our community to collapse a movement that they originally created but were losing control of. There is quite a lot of shocking behavior to expose in the upcoming films and we hope that the various communities covered use it as an opportunity to self-reflect while finding a way to clean themselves up. Those who like the community the way it is or don't think these things should be exposed are part of the problem. Disclosure begins at home does it not?

We are also beginning to see movement in our federal lawsuits. We have been fighting for discovery and depositions for some time, but are finally about to have both conclude on one of our cases. Please keep us in your prayers as we will be completing depositions with the opposing parties while also expecting the execution of Subpoenas which will give us the information we need as we move forward. The Pandemic has caused incredible backlogs in the courts which have been costly but afforded time for quite a lot of new testimony and evidence to be gathered - not to mention a couple of similar lawsuit decisions to lay down precedence.

We know some in the community disagree with us opening lawsuits but we think as they see the facts begin to unfold in the lawsuits - and later in our documentaries - they will come to agree with us enforcing boundaries. Our biggest hope is that these communities find a way to self-police from these types of behaviors in the future and again come together for Unity in the Community and take the Disclosure Movement in the direction of its namesake. For those of you who have continued to support us through all of the discrediting campaigns - Thank You! If you would like to read more about the federal lawsuits or contribute to the legal expenses please visit -

Corey Goode