Spirituális hírek, fordítások

Mini-SSP Update

Friday, 17nd of June, 2022


Mini-SSP Update: I have been having quite a lot of contact with the Anshar and Zulu elders in recent weeks. After quite a lot of healing, balancing karma, and coming into emotional and energetic balance finally they are imparting quite a lot of wisdom and other perspectives to me. Both groups are extremely excited and pleased with my recent progress and are sharing information that they had only alluded to prior. I am processing the information and figuring out how to share the information in digestible servings.

I have also been getting more and more briefings about the former GGLN civil war from the SSP Alliance. I am pleased to report that with the help of Emmi the GGLN colonies that had been tricked into implanting brain chips by the Rogue Galactic Federation have been liberated and are now under the care of Mayan healers.

The ‘Wondering Star’ flagship of the federation of free colonies has been clearing out Reptilian, Orion, Dark Fleet, and the Rogue Galactic Federation since my last briefing. Emmi, of the Zulu, has been onboard assisting the GGLN flagship to turn the enemy’s attacks against them into suicide missions. Emmi teleported the fleet into the middle of enemy battlegroups drawing their fire.

Emmi redirected these incredibly destructive weapons back onto the originator of the attacks ending each of the battles very quickly and decisvely. They have isolated the enemy to a little over a dozen ‘strong-hold star systems’, including our own Sol System, where they are trapped and making their desperate last stands.

The Orion Group and their allies are incredibly dug into these remaining star systems (Within our Galaxy) and much of the endgame will be fought by the inhabitants of those star systems whose governments have made deals with the Orion Group. Our solar system is still very much under the control of the Orion Group with the active support of the Human leadership of this star system. The biggest fight is yet to come, and it’s in our very own backyard!

I also received an update on the Pre-Adamite leadership that had been in stasis in Antarctica for thousands of years that were recently awakened and then removed from the planet. They have been put into another type of stasis until the Galactic Trials begin. The New Guardians are working with the Guardians of the closest cluster of Galaxies to us. These Galaxies have all dealt with the same AI infestation and conquest by enemies similar to the Orion Group within their own Galaxies. The way these Galactic trials work is absolutely stunning and beyond words.

If our Galaxy goes the way the majority of our sister Galaxies have, we will once and for all be free of the Orion Group, the Rogue Federation, The Reptilians, and the AI god that they have been on a crusade for. As I alluded to above, we have a part to play and that part is standing in our own power and not letting the secret government that rules our star system to represent us in the Cosmos. Until we do so we will continue to pile up karma from their actions and atrocities throughout the Galaxy.

I will be releasing more information in the very near future.

Corey Goode