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Thursday, July 4, 2024

The dark Atlantean networks has been completely removed. This has far reaching consequences.

As a result of this, the process of disentangling the Lurker from the surface population finally began. The first month or so of this process will be a testing phase, where the Light forces will evaluate the response of the surface population to the disentanglement process, and adjust it accordingly. After the testing phase is compete, the proper disentanglement will begin.


You can view this process as planetary exorcism. Darkness, which was until now quantumly and subquantumly entangled with human personalities, will finally begin to leave. An average human being is over 90% infected with the Lurker, and an average Lightworker is still about 80% infected. As the process unfolds, the percentage of infection will begin to drop, and human beings will begin to be more aligned with the Light, and will tend to start feeling better.

Between August and October we will be in the thick of this process. This will be a time of deep inner work and time of strengthening the inner connection with the Light.

Also, enough anomaly has been removed to initialize the final process of alignment of this Solar system with the Galactic sea of Love. Solar plasma is still to a significant degree under the control of the Lurker, but at the heliopause the alignment process has already begun. Many different star races, with their fleets positioned just beyond the heliopause, are sending rays of Light into the Solar system and disentangling it form the Lurker. You can help with this process by meditating with cintamanis or various tektites and connecting the star from where those tektites originated and this Solar system with filaments of Light.

Galactic central race (the Builders) has massively entered the Solar System and is activating many ancient portal stargates on various moons, asteroids, and on Mars.

This will assist in activating the memories of the positive Atlantis, to start preparing human consciousnesses for the birth of the New Atlantis:

Agartha network is continuing to activate energetic portals of Light to the surface of the planet, thus assisting in the liberation process. You can connect with Agartha with the emerald meditation:

On the surface of the planet, a network of Goddess temples is slowly being built. This network will assist energetically in balancing the planetary transformation process:


Also on the surface of the planet, different positive Dragon groups are being activated energetically. To participate in this process, you are more than welcome to join our Rise of the Dragons workshop in Taiwan:

Or in Malaysia:

Victory of the Light!