Spirituális hírek, fordítások


Wednesday, June 21, 2023


The last few months have seen the Dark Ones reinforce the Grid around Earth with a strong defensive shield to dampen the influence of the increasing cosmic rays. During this time, Starseeds may felt even more disconnected from the Source or were exposed to strong energetic attacks.

This is because the Dark Ones are eager to create new ethereal demonic beings from the remaining stocks of Anomaly to hold the line. For example, the Baphomet, the idol of many satanic Cabal lodges, who was wiped out by the Light Force last year, has been reestablished on the ethereal planes again for a few weeks now. The Archons may have recreated and put him back into the Grid, but it is likely that this Baphomet 2.0 will not be able to stay there for long.

As for the physical manifestation of this defensive shield, it presents itself in the countless Starlink satellites surrounding the orbit.


They reinforce the distortion field within the Grid and produce a kind of standing wave, which creates a reality in which nothing seems to be physically progressing, with the Cabal continuously getting away with their crimes and agendas. Although the situation has improved somewhat recently, see the latest UFO disclosures

As well as in relation to the C-virus, where the lab theory is now officially confirmed by MSM.

Also, the US government is preparing an exit strategy from the Ukraine conflict by blaming their puppet regime for the Nord Stream pipeline blowup. Hence, the increased MSM reports about Ukrainian demolition plans.

Recently, there have also been several mass meditations around the world, and it was noticeable that there were not as many participants as in previous years (although the number is still sufficient).

This is because in the last few months, many Starseeds and Soul Parts of incarnated Lightworkers have left the physical body again towards the ships. In terms of total population of the planet, there are only a few Lightworkers left now to hold the Light. The other Lightworkers are still physically present, but without their Starseed Soul Parts, they are more or less just NPCs instead of active players. Some of them are also more susceptible to negative energetic possession now.

These facts may sound negative at first, but they aren't. The fact that the Dark Ones had to reinforce the shield around the planet and seeing the Light Forces withdraw further Starseeds from the surface shows that the activity of the Galactic Central Sun must already be extremely strong.

Panic among the Dark Ones may also have been caused by the fact that the Light Force has begun to destroy the etheric implantation stations around Earth orbit, which every Soul had to visit before physically incarnating on the surface.


This process has triggered hordes of Archons who have tried to defend these stations, but they have been unsuccessful. Many of them have been recycled in the Central Sun. A few (really only a few) have decided to switch sides and are currently helping to de-implant the surface population. In addition, it is currently possible to remove certain etheric implants attached to incarnated Souls that would not have been touched by the Light Force a few weeks ago, as they were linked to the Dark Ones' exotic weapons and would have detonated.


The Light Force are also continuing to free imprisoned Souls from the clutches of the Dark Ones, especially from their underground cloning facilities, including many, many Goddess Souls. Some are so traumatized that, once freed, they resign their service for the Light Forces ... at least those who have volunteered for Planetary Liberation operations. They need an extreme amount of healing, after being abused by the Dark Ones for so long.


The Cabal still holds a massive number of Starseeds hostage in their underground facilities as energy providers, in turn to leverage power and wealth on the surface ... the supply almost never seems to run out. Many of these Souls were already captives of the Dark Ones long before their conquest of Earth. But the supply of hostages won't last forever, so I think that far more have already been liberated than are still trapped. So, the Dark Ones have to be extremely sparing with their energy by now.

There is nothing more to report at present. What may be important in the next days is that the Dark Ones must not use the large military exercise over Central Europe to fuel a further escalation in the NATO-Russia conflict.

Especially now, when the energies are rising even faster, causing huge changes in the future.


Thanks for reading, and happy Summer Solstice!