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Short status update #2, July 2021

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Short status update #2, July 2021

Some of the top cabal from the layer right below the chimera tried to negotiate with the Lightforces again in the last few days. Basically what some of those parasitic alien species including the chimera do is they create unsolvable problems in systems they invade. They therefore force the good species to the befallen systems sooner or later. Then those parasitic species want to press as much energy from the good species as possible. This was going on for millions of years on Earth. Now they press for even more energy for letting go of sacrificing the befallen system. That was pretty much the foundation for their coerced negotiation, what the cabal presented as their means of pressure is the number of souls they will sacrifice if they do not get what they want from the Lightforces.

Needless to say that what they want to get for letting those souls 'through' is much to high. The negotiations were obviously cancelled because the cabal would continue their reign on Earth if their conditions were met. So what the cabal threatens with now, after their unsuccessful trade for souls, is the sacrifice of a high percentage of humanity and other species on Earth. This is nothing new because that is (besides toplets) one of their biggest means of pressure they had (and still have to a degree). They are quite sure that it works out because of their high influence through several recent measures on the surface including and the most obvious being the vaccines.

One of the bigger problems is that the cabal really do control the behaviour of a big part of the surface population through the programming-layers mentioned by Cobra - mostly mainstream media in later age basically being their mass-meditations. That sort of control over the thoughts of humanity and additional problems with the body-/soul-ratio of most humans will be the reason why many humans have to leave to the bespoken healing planets in the near future. Most humans are not capable to 'carry' their own bodies without the mechanisms the cabal established. The cabal knows that and uses that circumstance as one of the core arguments for their planned sacrifice to be successful. The cabal do not believe that it is possible that these humans they want to sacrifice will then be transferred to the healing planets. They planned a long time to use a big part of the surface population for their means in case of an approaching liberation and to actually cancel it out by humanity itself. They are convinced that a majority of humanity being (maybe even outspokenly) against the liberation (but obviously controlled by the cabal from a higher perspective) will then be an argument to actually cancel the liberation. The Lightforces are of course well aware that basically all majority descisions on Earth are fake due to the aformentioned reasons - the level of control the cabal exerts over the basic population is the sole reason why majority-descisions and -laws were implemented on Earth at all. So while most humans will be much more happy on the healing planets because of getting a life that actually has the potential work out positively in contrast to their human-life, leaving the Earth won't be easy for many of them. They will get to know the sinister plans the cabal had with their bodies and life in fast-forward - a knowledge that many lightworkers and Starseeds learned mercifully over the course of many years and they still were overwhelmed by it.

Second high hope for the cabal to win time and keep the deadlocks on Earth for longer after they lost the intergalactic wars is using some top-lightworkers and Starseeds as means to pressure. That is why attacks towards Starseeds and lightworkers increased drastically as the cabal wants to use them against the Lightforces to turn their desperate situation around.

From my personal point of view they certainly got closer to the Starseeds and Lightworkers but they won't be successful in using them in means of pressure that way. Rather the situation is also used by the Lightforces to see what the cabal is still able to do towards members of the surface population and especially towards targeted key individuals. Although that means more pressure for the affected key lightworkers, this process is what will help against those type of attacks by the cabal in the long run. But right now the cabal is convinced that they will take over the Starseeds and lightworkers and use them as hostages or even to 'steer' them against the light. Also they have high hopes that they are able to use the higher body functions and generally superior skills of Starseeds to then invade the Lightforces through their ‚own people‘ on the surface. What the cabal shows is that they are lacking fundamental understanding of the universe and how things work without the primary anomaly. Their measures are being seen as plain stupid or even retarded by now as they are simply not understanding that they are not the biggest lifeforms in the universe and that there are forces that will inevitably stop their reign on Earth. They are still convinced (rather by not being capabable to even imagine the judgement they will go through) that they will win against the rest of the universe. They seemingly think that they are the dominant species throughout the whole universe and that the will of basically all other lifeforms conscious enough to participate in liberation of Earth does not count at all. By now the few evil species in the chimera-hierarchy are seen as heavily antisocial species, having a serious defect that might hinder their continuation as a species in general.

Meanwhile the astral and etheric are cleaned up further and the Lightforces finally succeeded in getting a few of the biggest victims among the hostages transferred to the ships and into safety. These were some hostages that partly suffered for thousands of years and were an enormous burden to keep relatively stable while at the same time they never got out of torture and suffering into a stable degree. Many good forces in the etheric are therefore relieved and finally have more ressources to take care for other areas of the liberation. The pressure on those few key hostages was massive and therefore that also was a means for the cabal to occupy a lot of positive energy and time of positive people who had to compensate the suffering as much as possible. So generally this means great process for many layers of the liberation.

(Edit: this might also be one of the reasons why Cobra also speaks of an inflection point today, it is a very big relief for basically all good factions on Earth that we finally were able to rescue a few of the biggest victims from cabal-torture.)