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A Short Notice to the Surface Population

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

There was simply too much interference with our petition and activation, both from the dark forces and from compromised individuals, and the instructions for our activation on December 21st needed to be upgraded to reflect this new situation.

According to the instructions from the Light Forces, we have made an energetic reset of the whole Divine Intervention Activation process, deleted all articles, purged dark interference as much as possible, and we are starting the new manifestation cycle again.

Articles posted on this blog about our Divine Intervention Activation will be reposted again with upgraded instructions. Negative comments that go against the planetary liberation mission will no longer be tolerated. Think twice before you post a comment, and use common sense. If you have posted a meaningful comment in the last few deleted articles, you may repost it again.

All 83,000 signatures for the petition gathered until now remain valid.

All videos in any way related to this activation need to be completely deleted from internet and they need to be remade in a way that reflects the new instructions and posted with a new URL. Only links to videos that meet these criteria will be posted on this blog.

Updated instructions for our booster meditation on December 4th will be posted in a new blog post soon. You can still send your questions for a new Cobra interview to .

Thank you for your understanding.

Victory of the Light!