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Sunday, May 17, 2020



All those who are today fighting for justice, for humanity, for the liberation of the planet and for us - additionally are waking us up from deep programming - surely are under great attack. They are revealing truths, that certainly pose a huge threat to the system. It has now become clear to many that mainstream media is programming people very deeply and make them believe what serves the system. And anyone who questions all of this and even supports it with facts and evidence will possibly be removed, discredited, ridiculed, or at worst killed.

The majority of people are not thinking. One believes everything he sees on TV or reads on the Internet. He is not questioning anything and he has no thoughts of his own. However, those on the frontlines sacrificing their lives to help humanity in its awakening, are not wasting their breath. The easiest thing is to label them as "conspiracy theorists." But what if they happen to be right? After all, what is presented to us by them is all based on considerable research. All of them play an important role in some phase of the awakening process of mankind. They have all dived deep into one theme in order to dismantle the system and wake us all up. Anyway, they drive us back to the point where we start using our logic and start thinking for ourselves again. They drive us back to the point where we listen to our inner guidance and ask questions.

Is what you believe true

Each and every one of them deserves respect for what they do and for the courage they have to keep going regardless the risks they face therefore in their lives, just to carry out the missions they were born for. Does it all have to be taken for granted that is told by them? Is that the ultimate truth what they say? Do not let anyone decide that for you. Just listen to your inner voice. Ask the necessary questions regarding those things and trust your inner guidance.

We would like to represent the idea for what reason this post has been created, through a person who is extremely important to us. We love him very much and we think the time has come to stand up for him and to bring some clarity to the things that have been circulating about him on the social media.

We have been in touch with him for years, some of us even more than 20 years... We hope that we will be able to point out some questions through this post that everyone should have been asking himself before ever started criticising him or his work.

the uncomfortable truth cover

In 2012, he launched his blog, named 2012portal, for which he was commissioned by the Resistance Movement with the purpose of instructing the surface population about certain developments. He is a spirit of Pleiadian origins incarnated in a physical body. His personality must have been kept in secret and this was not his decision. He has been subjected to a lot of attacks, physical abuse and has lost several of his beloved relatives over the years. With all of these, he was attempted to be stopped in his mission. He has special abilities and unique knowledge. Those that are following his blog or have attended a conference held by him, cannot debate that the things he is talking about and trying to pass on to us cannot be learnt from books. It is not a memorised lexical knowledge. It is primal wisdom and innate knowledge. One is just walking on air for two weeks after his conferences, because of the uplifting energies, one can only experience in very rare cases otherwise. After such conferences, it is extremely hard to return to our everyday 3D lives.

Is he on the dark side or on that of the light? Ask yourself these questions or visit a conference of his and decide it for yourself.

He has never labelled himself as a Light Warrior, a Lightworker, a Guru, a Master or anything. It is not important to him at all. It is only important to people. He has never asked for followers. He has even declared he was not in need of followers, only co-operators. Compared to this, many have made an idol of him and therefore fell into their own trap. Someone's idolisation turns automatically into hatred if one does not work on himself and just sits back waiting to be rescued by the other. Mutual cooperation cannot be formed there and this will have an impact on how things will be unfolding in the future because after a while those who are waiting to be rescued will project all the failures and setbacks of their lives on to it and worship will turn into hatred.

Cobra shared a wealth of knowledge and teachings with the readers of his blog and participants of his workshops. A higher level of consciousness is needed to understand and integrate these teachings as in case of this missing it becomes just a distorted, twisted and non-understood message and point of view. Our own point of view. And we will be lowering those teachings to our own level of consciousness, to the level we can comprehend things at this moment. And therefore it is exactly our non-understanding and limited consciousness that will be looking at those things from a completely different perspective. And so all those will be projected on the information given by him and on his whole personality, too.

I'm only responsible

I felt lucky to have the opportunity to participate in his workshops where I could not only meet my soul family but also enriched myself with knowledge and experience which I could not have gained anywhere else in the world. It will remain an eternal experience for many of us and nothing proves it better that it was a supernatural adventure than the fact that people at the end of the workshop did not want to leave the room and were just dancing and dancing and celebrating and planning their next meeting together! And although the conditions for participation were laid down and everyone attended the event of their own free will, there are some who have by now completely twisted the experience and knowledge gained there and put him in a position of a man who is driven only by money and sex. Needless to say, this is very far from the truth. Just as an example: At the end of one of his workshops I was part of a Soul Family dinner evening and we were all of his guests. He invited all of us. Everybody who felt the call and stated that they are part of his Soul Family. It was a beautiful evening for all of us. And of course, through the years I had many experiences with him like this. He is a generous man. A beautiful soul who highly respect our free will. He would never ever do anything to anyone of us against our free will. He is a very sensitive and soulful person. He is part of our lives but as I said his origins is different therefore our world and we as humans behaving with each other and how we react on each other is still pretty shocking for him. But he is still here with us and didn’t give up on us. And we should be more than thankful for that.

Soul Family

I was so sorry to hear about that FB group in a certain country where he has been openly attacked for months and a full campaign was launched against him by people who have idolised him so far, people who were loved and trusted by him. A team of a country that he had a very special relationship with and was particularly important to him. A few members of this group said that on this FB group today almost only tongue-lashing comments and discrediting posts can be found about him. A working relationship with the blog translators was ended. It can happen. Many of us have already experienced similar things in our lives. We know if something is not based on love and our motives are not clear that thing will be removed from our lives. Especially in today's times.

But brothers and sisters, how can you deny everything we have all been through? How can you deny all that we have been given and taught by him? How can an incident with no personal involvement from your side and that is beyond your control affect you and your mission? I have seen all of you in the workshop. You have soared and you were proud of everything you have created there with us. Wake up! Can’t you see what is going on here? You are wonderful people and wonderful experiences were born there with you TOGETHER. Remember! Remember your mission! Return to your hearts!


Anyone, who knows Cobra personally is aware of the fact that he is an infinitely humble person seeking peace. His decisions are always in alignment with his higher guidance and hence the highest purpose and strive to achieve harmony in his team and discuss and remedy the problems and blocking obstacles that arise. Of course, it is a challenge for him to understand our human way of thinking but he would never hurt anyone on purpose. He never tells you what to do and he never judges even if they ask him about different sources like Kryon or Qanon etc. He never ever says anything bad about anyone. He tries to guide all of us to trust our inner guidance. Even in terms of his intels he gives us the same advice. If you read his blog posts and recent interviews carefully you can be aware of the fact why this working relationship was broken. I personally believe it was one of his hardest decision he had to make.

Did Cobra name the members of his team whom he had to part from? Not. Did he sputter and judge any of them? Not. Is he turning any confidential information shared with him against them? Not.

Then why are those people speaking about him as he would be the enemy of the world? As someone not capable of carrying out his mission? This is ridiculous!!! Maybe we should first ask ourselves. What did we do for a better world? What did we do today for a better future? I can imagine probably in most cases we would not even reach the 1% of what he does for all of us! Most of us think that these groups are mainly visited by those who have already begun to work on themselves and are trying to look at the world and how we operate in it from a higher perspective... (but this might be just my naivety) Have they ever asked themselves these questions? How does it feel to be part of such FB groups? Do members feel uplifted? Do they feel United? Do they feel Loved? What is the common goal in such groups? Strengthening separation and judgement? Are you still there? Have you asked yourself why? People try to find a place to belong to, a place where it feels safe to be, a community to find love and unity. People are craving for this. They are looking for these special connections. Whether groups that still nurture separation and drama and find fulfilment only in abusing others can be called special and uplifting, is up to everyone to decide for themselves. Similarly, whether it is a good and stable base for creating a world we have always wished for…


We can see nowadays that neither authority, professional achievement, nor respectable life path protects anyone from loud judgement. Judging a person doesn't define who we are, it defines who you are. A judgemental person due to his subconscious programming feels as if he defeats the other one, he will be better and more superior. Some abusive, derogatory brickbat and he may feel his own position has improved. Thus, it hurts him less being the way he is at the moment and his judgment fills him with satisfaction. It is nothing else but a projection which is a defence mechanism. He cannot handle his own mistakes including his tempers. He projects these unprocessed negative feelings to his environment. His soul will get an instant relief… Before anyone should say that these are expressions of opinion and not judgements, let's make it clear. There is an important difference between the expression of opinion and judgement. The expression of opinion is a calm and not a personal (!!) statement of one’s point of view. And judgement is mostly a subjective viewpoint based mainly on partial information, heated by strong negative emotions.

Judgement is not about Cobra in this case either. Judgement expresses the depiction of the world of those who judged him. If some people see him as discredited, it is not because of his discredit, it is because the world looks like this to them. The one who judges denies everything, which is not achieved by his consciousness or finds morally objectionable. That is how it gets unfair. The senses do not deceive, it is the judgement that misleads. In fact, judgemental persons reveal secrets about themselves. :)

It's not Denial

Honestly, who is in a worse situation?! Cobra, who has been sputtered on something offensive, but with his head up, carries on his mission... or those sputtering, whose reality will still be the same the day after tomorrow? Let us just think about it. If one is ok with himself, would he still be constantly infatuated with the burning desire to judge others and express the right and never constructive opinion? Grown-up, responsible people do not waste their precious moments spending time on something they do not believe in, they cannot find value in, they do not want to be a part of. Simply they just keep flipping and going their own way further…

Would you still treat those on the frontlines like this, if it turned out to you that the fate of the world and the lives of your loved ones may depend on these people continuing what they are meant to do? People do not understand that. They do not even think about it. They begin to create theories and - according to their level of understanding - hand out half-truths rather than evidence and present it as facts.

This exemplary man, despite all the attacks and difficulties, stands by his mission he was born for on this planet. Many of us would not be the same as we are today if he - and all the others with the same intentions - did not exist. Instead of attacking and being judgemental - which can be presented so easily and so convincingly from many to the outside world - let us focus inside. Let us practice silence and humility. Let us send them protection and love and be infinitely grateful that they have the COURAGE for what we have never had before. Let us think about what we have learned from them, how they have helped our lives, and how they have let our perspectives expand. And please don’t forget! They are just like you in a human body and having a human experience. They are your brothers and sisters. They are you and you are them. We are One.

I am you and you are me

The system wants to maintain the separation because they know force lies in the unit. Therefore everything but everything is being carried out to prevent this from succeeding. At a worldwide level, valuable and important teams and groups were fading away because they were not vigilant enough. Do you see it clearly by now what is going on here as well? Don’t try to understand it from your 3D perspective and mind. It is much more complex than this and the consequences of our decisions are far more serious than you would think…

I am you and you are me

Anyway, the goal is not to convince anyone of anything, it is simply to encourage you to think independently, to question everything.

Maybe you can ask yourself: What would you have done or what would you do if you were one of them with such a mission? What would you do if you lost a beloved family member because your mission is to help the process of liberation of the planet? Would you reveal yourself even if you knew it would put humanity in danger? Can there be something such an uplifting experience that is not pure? If he was not of the Light, would he be able to give us such an experience? What challenge can it be for these special light warriors and lightworkers to identify those who are not driven just by some selfish interest? What challenge is it to identify those to whom they can give their trust - as a gift - hoping that it will never be misused? Would you like to change with them and be in their position?

Think about it. We hope now it is more clear for those who get a little confused in the last months. It is important to get out of the dramas to look at things as an observer and to try to look at things from a higher perspective. And before anyone would venting its frustration on any platform, return to your heart and act from there. We do not have time anymore for these conflicts. It is more important than ever that we recognise each other, hold the hands of each other and lift each other up. Help each other in this chaos. Love each other and hold the vision of a much much better world. We can only succeed together, as ONE.

Namaste Yoga Meditation

Be Blessed, with Love -Pearl-


In these days of the final liberation of the planet, I was guided to speak openly about all of us lightworkers who contributed to this magnificent success of the light and I would like to speak about Cobra. Before I let my heart lead these lines I need to present myself as a seeker of the truth. Any form of guruism or blind adoration just can't apply on my liberated spirit, so please, stay in your centre while reading this and don't mix it with the respect and support I have for the messengers of the resistance who were lately under the great attacks.

When I think of Cobra, I can't speak further before bringing certain questions in the air, questions I find very important. Can we honestly tell how far are we ready to go for the truth, for the liberation and victory of the light, in the midst of the darkest hour of our own life, darkest than majority can't possibly imagine or process? Could we continue further with our mission in such condition? Can we actually know the answer to these questions? The real answer is that no one can ever be ready to lose someone dear, nor should be. If it happens, the worst possible scenario, unthinkable, who would collect the rest of the life force and focus attention on the continuation of fulfilling his mission? Who would think of the mission after losing a loved one, show me, please..


Let all of those brave people be blessed because their vibration of Love is so much higher than their own personal pain. As a matter of fact, I've met only one person who continued his fight for You, for Me, for the Planet, a person who despite all of his sorrow, loss and attacks bravely moved on and continues to fight this war and we all know who he is. Pain and loss should not be normal, nor should be fear, hate, jealousy, anger, attack, violence, rape or murder. All of these distortions we are dealing with on our planet are not normal and we should have more awareness about the truth behind it because we are lightworkers, we are seeds awaken to bring the freedom for all of us – together, never divided. Truth which is stored as a memory in our hearts, in our souls, in our eternal divinity bursting in flames to be finally shown in the beauty of light and love we all are.

Whoever met Cobra knows that he will see you and recognise you from that divine perspective immediately. As a friend, as a man, if he ever gave you a promise to do something for you personally, he would never forget it. He will keep his promise and ask nothing in return, even if it is the smallest forgetful wish for many, but not for the pure heart of his. Believe me, he never forgets. That's how he is. Quiet, humble, kind and honest man with a grief and sorrow in his eye. He will put a great risk on his own life to provide genuine information from his trusted sources for us, but he will never ask of you to be his follower. He will never ask of you anything except that you do only what you are guided to, without any interference in your personal life, in your personal decisions, because he believes what we should all believe – in complete freedom to choose whatever we want and feel in our hearts. So, dear ones, by all means, why this profound soul doesn't deserve the peace of his mind in his own private time, in his own private life, if he lets you and encourages you to live yours freely? If he ever touched your spirit with the light and inspiration and you started to question this so-called „reality“, started your awakening process, your healing and liberating from the forced illusion around us, if this ever happened, how can that higher vibratory sensation and transformation be replaced with such a violence and attacks against him, I do not know..

Humanity.. Humanity.. Maybe because It was always about us and our process of growth. He will let you choose according to the guidance of your free will, but everything else is still all about our perception, our inner conditioning, our programming, our shadows. So, people, search for the compassionate love you all have in your heart! All the conferences you attended were about liberating of our planet and about liberating of our Self. All the writings and shared information, all the coded messages, it was all about awakening of the deepest parts of your being full of the strength and potential you know exists inside of us. Remember that all the good vibes we had on the conferences prove it. Whoever was present there knows it and can't deny the uplifting energy that stayed with us long after.

One cannot

We can all be triggered by many things, we all can be programmed, but it's our own personal struggle we need to overcome and bring it to the light, so we could raise above all shadow traps installed in our life path. That's our main fight. We need to remember who we are. Remember our divinity, claim it, live it, because It is the highest form of freedom that can't be denied! Question yourself, always question yourself, even when you strongly believe that you are right, you will feel the truth in your body in the centre of your inner-being.

And finally, grateful as I am, as an attendee of the latest Goddess training workshop in Hungary, I witnessed so many smiling faces, happy faces and many tears of compassionate remembrance how we all stood together many ages before as we were standing together those beautiful enlightened days; hand in hand, in harmony, merged energetically in a bubble of a potentially strong feminine field that finally arose after many centuries on this planet.

And I know deep in my heart that you all know that too, because we are all in this together, as ONE.

Love and light for all of you dear beings of light, respectfully yours,


Girl with Lotus


Hello to everybody on the planet and beyond, especially to all participants of Cobra's conferences, workshops and meetings.

The specificity of this moment in time has evoked in me strong inspiration, inner insight and guidance to share a few words with you.

We are living in truly “interesting times”, says an old Chinese curse, just kind of appropriate for this time, this timeline and for what’s happening on Earth right before your eyes right now. It is not easy for any of us. Life on planet Earth is currently one of the most difficult in the 3D universe, but at the same time, it is this darkness from which light is being born that is leading our species towards a new evolutionary leap. Every time a species makes that jump, there are those members of that species who don’t want it or just aren’t able to make it. To this day some fish have remained in the sea and some have evolved into new forms, new species and live a new life on land. And today they are reaching for the stars. We don’t blame those who still swim in the sea. It is their free choice to stay swimming. So every choice will be yours as well. Choose wisely your actions, your decisions, because the final choice is up to each and every one of you.

Only one way

The next thing I want to emphasize is that there are people of different states of consciousness on Earth today. Everyone acts from their own state of consciousness and from that state they understand the world around them. The problem on Earth is that because of so many different states of consciousness, conflicts arise out of mere misunderstanding. The only solution to that is: learn, work on yourself and raise your own consciousness. Because there is no other way. If you see that someone is at a level below yours, extend your hands to help them climb to your level - without conflict, without condemnation, debate or quarrel. But also, be aware that there are some individuals who are above your level, so then accept the offered hand reaching towards you. This is how it is done in the cultivated universe. And that hand has been Cobra many times. You may not have been able to understand everything right away, but over time you will.

Wake Up

The moment has come when I feel I have to demystify the image of the Resistance Movement and show that these are not some people with superpowers living ideal lives, but ordinary people, each with their own life's ups and downs. So before you start judging someone behind your screens for why he didn’t do it this way or that way, always remember that you don't know everything and you don't know all that is going on. Assumptions for anything are not a good reason to let your fingers just fly across the keyboard without you thinking well beforehand. By doing this, you are not doing good to anyone, only confusing others and wasting your precious time that you could have spent on some good deeds or on working on yourself. Don’t let dark forces work through you in any way. Because right nowadays, fault guides are so subtle that they strike at your weakest points, and sometimes their illusion is so strong that you have the impression of truth as you look at pure deception. I see this happening to many of you these days. Become aware of your actions and what impulse is behind them. Our path is always through love, kindness, understanding, non-judgement, compassion... But don’t think we don’t know how to set a limit when someone overdoes it!

As a Starseed born with memories, I've been working on myself all my life, trying to fit into the world that does not feel “mine”. On that journey a long time ago, some 20 years ago, I met Cobra. And even before we spoke for the first time, I knew who he was. It was the recognition of someone of my own, primarily the recognition of friendship, a soul family that goes far beyond this life on Earth. And I know that all of you whom I've been meeting at conferences and at Goddess trainings have experienced a similar recognition. I saw it then in your eyes and from your experiences that you shared there.

Have you forgotten that?

Or does someone deliberately make you forget it?

Many of you can’t even imagine how much pain it is to be separated from “your own,” how much suffering is present there. No, it’s not something romantic nor special. It is a constant pain in which you cannot be what you are by your nature. Many of you have seen Cobra and some of us in tears when we dive into the vibration of communion that was originally ours, and when we manage to revive the customs of our worlds at least for a brief moment. Those customs that are normal to us, and extremely strange to you. So learn to respect the diversity of different species already.

Tears are not a weakness. We don’t hide our tears, we don’t hide our emotions, we don’t wear masks. We have heightened empathy and emotions and all of this down here is literally a hell for us. And despite that, we are here, despite that we are doing things we would not otherwise do. None of us want followers, nor does Cobra want to be anyone’s guru. On the contrary, guruism is something that none of us can stand and we run away from it. It would be so easy to forget all this and try to live like everyone else, ignoring our mission here. Therefore, respect Cobra's privacy, but also the privacy of us, the members of RM. It is not a problem for Cobra or the rest of us to reveal our faces. Many of you already know us. But we need our privacy to be able to protect our loved ones (yes, attacks are a reality of today’s world, just look at what is currently happening to other spokespersons acting in public) and have more or less normal lives. How pleasant do you think it is to be constantly targeted by people who make fun of you, who attack you and look for your weaknesses, analysing your every move, every word and action? What do you think it’s like when you’re left without your soul mate? What do you think it is like to be Cobra constantly meeting people who all demand something for themselves, and then if they don’t get it - they attack him? Which one of you wants that? I guess no one. If nothing else, please don’t make it difficult for those who have the courage to do a job you can’t. Find something you can do. The minimum you can do is participate in global meditations whenever you see a call for them.

This section here is now specifically addressed to those individuals and groups who did not want to participate in meditations.

And their reason was, "we do not meditate against something." You need to know that besides the process of creating, there is also the process of discreating things. The universe does not speak in words but in frequency vibration. This is not a 'New Age look' through pink glasses through which we should forcibly see only beautiful things and ignore reality. The hard reality is that there are also some very ugly things, and they should be discreated. The energetic charge created by meditation discreates the unwanted reality into the desired one. This is an active action. Just as you don’t ignore when you feel pain but take a pill instead, in the same way global meditation is that initial spark toward global healing and a new reality. So don’t underestimate your power of manifestation within that.

Here's a fun fact: did you know that Cobra is the only person in history to have managed to unite over 1.1 million people in the last global meditation to work on the same goal despite their differences?

Wake Up

And don’t expect Light forces to just come down and sort things out for you. Because - they won't. Help arrives at the moment when most members of the species are ready for the next jump, for Ascension. It is like a doctor helping a baby to be born into this world. It is not they who procrastinate, but all of us together who slow things down by our inaction. So instead of living from one Cobra's intel to another and passively waiting for the Event, do something. That same Event is in your hands, too.


Speaking of all this, I can not help but mention the side of Cobra that you may not have had the opportunity to experience. Once longe ago a very humble young boy who burned out to fulfil his mission and find his soulmates scattered across the Earth to create the foundation of a new world together, and today, on the one hand, a firm and honourable man who persistently continues to resist all the horrors of the attack he experiences due to his job, and on the other hand wounded by the immense pain of losing his beloved. A man who above all values truth the most, and who will always keep his word. He doesn't care what clothes he wears; a vegetarian who respects the right of every being to life, a gentle person full of tenderness, but also with good humour when the time is right. He will always be happy to share his knowledge if there is even a spark of understanding in you. I’ve never seen him pose as more valuable than anyone else. An unearthly gleam in the eyes from which radiates only deep love mixed with sadness - that is Cobra.

I will only say about myself that I am part of the RM and that I have been working on the same mission in various ways for many years. From now on, on this blog, you will receive various information and reflections on certain topics from me and my colleagues, as needed.

We are all not just RM, but we are also friends, starseeds. And as such, we never give up on those we love nor do we ever leave someone of our own.


Victory of the Light!