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Endtime Madness Update

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Endtime Madness Update

The coronavirus scare has managed to keep a large part of human population in fear and a large proportion of China under quarantine.

Having so many people quarantined has enabled the Light Forces to completely clear all plasma Chimera spiders and all other Chimera entities from the non-physical planes. Now the Light Forces are removing all remaining plasma Archon, Draco, Reptilian and other entities with full speed and when such a large proportion of Chinese population stays at home, this not only prevents the spread of coronavirus, but also the spread of plasma entities which are now effectively being starved out in China, leading to a chain reaction of entity removal on a planetary scale, never experienced before.

The spread of coronavirus follows a sigmoid (logistic) curve:

and is already beginning to peter out.

Chinese expert Zhong Nanshan is expecting the peak of the outbreak in mid or late February, and the infection to be over by April:

Prediction model from JP Morgan yields a similar result, with the infection peaking in a few weeks:

Prediction model from JP Morgan

Coronavirus prediction model from JP Morgan

One of the more effective ways to deal with the coronavirus infection is vitamin C:

And lots of clean, fresh air:

Pleiadians have developed a new protocol for virus removal that can help people in the infected areas, primarily in Hubei province in China, but also elsewhere on the planet.

If you know, feel, or fear that you have contracted the virus, or would like to disinfect the area around you, you can repeat three times in your mind.

“Command RCV stardust”.

The Pleiadians will then use their advanced technologies to help remove the virus. This new protocol is still in development and is limited in its efficiency and the Pleiadians are asking for feedback. Those who will use this protocol, are welcome to report its effects in the comment section on my blog where this article is posted. Please be aware that this protocol is NOT a substitute for medical treatment.

Our mass meditation every 4 hours can help the situation also, and you are encouraged to participate:

In most areas of the planet the coronavirus infection can be compared to a bad flu, with coronavirus mortality rate worldwide outside of Hubei province being 0.6 percent , and worldwide common flu mortality rate being 0.1 percent.

In Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak, the mortality rate is still around 3% due to high number of cases who can not get proper medical treatment as there are simply not enough hospitals and medical personnel.

Apart from that, situation in Wuhan is not as bad as many media outlets would like to portray. Here is a report from Wuhan from my sources on February 6th:

Current situation in Wuhan, Feb 6th:

  1. The supply of food and daily necessity is very sufficient. No violence and argument for food.

  2. Most of the people keep staying at home to quarantine themselves from getting infection. Most of the transportation systems stop working. Some special cars and curiers are allowed to appear on the road.

  3. China's Government has prolonged the Chinese Ney Year holiday till Feb. 9th for whole countries. Some serious infection cities will prolonged longer.

  4. Some lightworkers' friends, relatives or neigbors in the same community are infected. But it's quite intersting about that no lightworkers are repoted to be infected till now.

  5. Because "daily new confirmation case" keeps surging, hospital have no enough capacity to quarantine those new cases, China's government used hotels and also build up many "convient or simple hospitals" to quarantine those new cases with very mild sickness.

  6. Many people used WeChat platform to organize mutual help systems to take care of different situations, like transportation, donation, mediacal care, sending water/food/mask---. Many love stories are spread out on the web and it help more people conquer fears and encourage more people to help each other.

  7. Wuhan's lightworkers are very positive and they all believe them remove the virus and and they are all very diligently doing meditation. They want to thank you and light foces.

Some alternative media are spreading false information about “population culling” in China. This is what my sources from Wuhan had to say about this on February 11th:

In the beginning, they heard that very few patients refused to be sent to some special quaranine hospital, (level I quarantine hospital, named), so there were some arguments because these patients were very scare because they heard the rumor about these level II quarantine hospitals sent out many videos and information about their lives in the level II quarantine hospitals. This information broke the rumors.

And a fresh update from Wuhan today:

We just had a situation report of Wuhan from a female lightworker:

  1. Food supply is sufficient. Local lightworkers are healthy.

  2. People can purchase via group buying. Food price is stable. Some people can even indulge themselves intu junk food (Becuase they have to stay home, eating becomes their entertainment.).

  3. People who got lock-downed in the local hotels are having decent treatment. Those under quarantine can have free food and free housing. Communication in level II hospitals are fine.

  4. Local doctors and nurses are worn out, but things are getting better. Situation in single convenient hospitals are under control.

Anyway, people in Wuhan are having an excercise for the Event. No culling, no violence, no riot. When the Event happens, people in Wuhan would be the coolest on the surface of the Earth.

Wuhan in Chinese meaning man of Kong Fu.

So far, our Kong Fu masters of Light are working activity for peace and order. DO NOT worry about them, just express your respect and support in the comment below. I will bring more local stories and updates soon.

Victory of Wuhan! Vicrory of Light!

But, Chinese government is still trying to hide the existence of its military bioweapons program in Wuhan that is the source of this coronavirus:

Chinese do not want to lose face and would never admit that their bioweapons program went out of hand and that a Zionist infiltrator stole a sample of virus from Wuhan lab and set it free to infect the Chinese people:


The question here is, who killed Dr. Plummer?

A certain mainland Chinese Dragon group has communicated that if the situation with the coronavirus is not resolved very very soon, they will release evidence about Chinese Secret Space program through Chinese media outlets.

On Saturday, there was a top level strategic summit in the Tycho lunar base where representatives of all major non-surface Light factions have come to a mutual strategic agreement on how to proceed with the planetary liberation operations. This new, reinforced plan will be executed with precision and efficiency. All non-surface Light factions have agreed to form a strategic alliance, which is called Atlantis Alliance.

Galactic Confederation ships will be much more active in Earth's atmosphere in the next few weeks and months, and many people are receiving dreams and visions about this:


Betelgeuse, one of the main stars in Orion, is showing early signs of potentially going supernova:

The Blue Dawn is coming.

Victory of the Light!