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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

The Light Forces are removing the dark Atlantean network according to the plan. Nothing more can be said about that at this point for strategic and security reasons, but an intel update for the surface population about that topic is expected soon.

All negative entities have been removed from other Universes, and only a very small amount of subquantum anomaly is present there.

Now the full focus is on this Solar System, and on the final liberation of planet Earth. In the last few weeks, a huge amount of subquantum anomaly has been removed from the Solar System.

As a result of this, one part of the Pleiadian fleet is about to return to this Solar System and they will resume liberation operations. Details need to remain classified, but extremely powerful astrological configurations are supporting this move.

The main aspect is Sedna conjuncting Alcyone on May 25th. This aspect happens once every 20,000 years, and its astrological meaning is the return of Pleiadians to Earth at the completion of the cosmic cycle. This aspect will start exhibiting its full power one week before May 25th, and will remain in full force until one week after. It will be reactivated again in December 2024 and in April 2025.

Within that time frame, other conjunctions with Alcyone will support this process:

Sun conjunct Alcyone on May 20th at 10 pm UTC

Venus conjunct Alcyone on May 24th at 2:30 am UTC

Jupiter conjunct Alcyone on May 27th at noon UTC

If you wish to connect and align with the return of the Pleiadians, you can use the following meditation:

Light Forces have begun to decrease the activity of the multidimensional Dyson sphere around the Sun in order to allow more Solar activity to occur since the beginning of May, producing a huge solar storm last week:

Because so much anomaly is gone, some people are already experiencing beneficial effects of solar superstorms:

Strong solar superstorms such as the last one have capacity to disable nanotechnology:

More solar activity will be allowed to occur, and lately we are getting at least one X-class solar flare per day:


As a result of Dyson sphere recalibration, the volume of Mjolnir technology has increased and is now oscillating between 15% and 30% of full capacity.

At this volume, another multidimensional quantum technology of the Light Forces has been activated since May 1st, and it is called Gungnir:

Gungnir is an advanced planetary Ascension technology that is now directing immense amount of Electric fire towards this planet:

It channels huge energies from the top of the Tree of Life (Yggdrasil) to the surface of the planet:

These energies are being distributed by the Solar Logos (the cosmic being that is our Sun), utilizing the Rod of Initiation, effectively starting the process of Ascension of this planet into its fourth planetary initiation:

It is here interesting to note that Gungnir rune has been spotted on Russian military vehicles in Ukraine:

Because of these new energies and because of the operations of the Light Forces (especially Aldebarans) behind the scenes, the Agartha network around the world is being activated. They are opening strong energetic portals in their underground locations in Asia and South America.

In Colombia, the portals under lake Guatavita, lake Iguaque, and under Muzo and Coscuez mines are being activated:

Emeralds are now being activated as green doors through which you can connect with Agartha:


You can read the instructions for the emerald Agartha meditation, along with a lot of intel about emeralds, in Bogota workshop notes:

Bogota workshop was very successful and it laid the foundation for the future work with emeralds.

Here it is interesting to note that the meeting between Xi Jinping and Emmanuel Macron in Paris was taking place almost exactly to the hour of our emerald meditation on Monday May 6th, deepening cultural ties between both countries:

The hidden purpose of Xi Jinping's visit was to prevent World War III, and a flurry of diplomatic activity was seen around the time of his visit:

It is also interesting to see that Xi visited both Paris and Budapest on his European tour, both cities having the strongest Goddess vortexes in Europe.

Another sign is that Eiffel Tower in Paris was hit by lighting on May 1st, just around the time when Gungnir was being activated, and a few days before the Chinese visit:

The dark forces on the surface are beginning to lose one part of their control.

Their pandemic treaty has encountered problems:

Their financial “reset” is also not going according to their plans:

Their ideologies are being exposed:

And more Disclosure is coming:

Victory of the Light!