Spirituális hírek, fordítások

About Soul families and minds

Sunday, December 17, 2023


Starseeds are already uniting with their Soul-family on the mental plane, it is a topic that is getting more relevant to the ascendants right now as well as the Goddess herself wants to shine Light on the topic.

This unity will slowly drip through all Starseeds and ascendants in accordance to the natural order which is pretty much proportional to the size of their Souls. Right now this is already happening on the mental plane which is a preparation for unity on the physical plane. All members of these Soul families are right now getting to know each other in depth - which is pretty much all their life and incarnations. This is a union which encompasses all the minds of the corresponding family. They are getting to know everything about each other, their past, their present state and the plans of the future for each other. While the family consists of many male and female Souls (most Souls have a tendency for gender), the union usually is reserved for one male and one or more female Souls. Remember that the male is oftentimes symbolising singularity, while females are oftentimes symbolising multiplicity which is mirroring a universal principle of male and female energies. The male is usually the one providing the female with energy (also correspondent in the sexual union) while the female is the one turning that energy into something beautiful - in sexual union this is the children, also mirroring the multiplicity of the female principle, in this example multiplying themselves. So, while the cabal-programmed Earth heavily promotes marriage of one male with one female, universally, one man providing for rather multiple women is much more natural and common. The same is happening on the union of Soul-families, it is usually one male oriented Soul and several female oriented Souls uniting, while other male Souls of the family are rather supporting the union from the distance. However in these unions it is nevertheless one female Soul who becomes the main 'wife' of the male Soul, which are more or less the main partners and taking the lead of the uniting Soul-family.

EDIT: some people might have assumed that this union then takes form similar to a harem but is actually not the case. As it is a whole Soul-family uniting, all members of that Soul-family are preparing themselves for a love relationship. This does not mean that all females will be present physical at once for example. Those ascendants who prefer a monogamous relationship will definitely get exactly that. The Soul-family decides the best format of love-union and sexual-union for all members of the family of course. So, in the physical, this could take pretty much any format of love humans know of, but it will definitely be the most fulfilling format every participant could have wished for.

As you can see in figure 1 above, the cabal send parasitic spirits to intervene with such unions. Basically they try to clog up that union by sending their spirits and minds. In contrast to the depicted white minds of the Soul family, the black, parasite minds lack a Soul-connection, that means they are limited to the spirit without support of a Soul. You can imagine those black depictations of their minds in the figure as cabal anti-souls, sent to intercept the union. Most of these anti-soul-minds were humans once and fell into joining the cabal. They intercept by analysing the union and trying to mimic the minds of the Soul-family to lure the members of the Soul-family apart to join the cabal instead. As you can see, most of their minds are much smaller than the minds of the Soul-family, which poses the biggest problem of the cabal upon interception. The mimicking most of the time stays faint compared to the strong communication among the Soul-family itself. Though that faintness is something even higher ascendants might not notice fully at first.

Basically these minds communicate via ideas, thoughts and imagination. You will actually hear your Soulmates speak in your mind during the union. Voices in your mind however are easy to fake for the cabal-parasites. That means the parasites, the smaller black minds, will speak to you similar to the communication of your true Soulmates. Intensity is not that graspable in communication via thoughts, you might notice the faintness but it will be subtle to the perceptions of most current ascendants. Other perceptions regarding communication via imagination will be much harder to fake for the cabal, but usually require higher ascension and higher senses which are slowly developing naturally via the implant removals - the higher the ascendant, the finer his/her senses regarding those higher communications.

The white smaller minds inside the main minds indicate helper Souls, smaller participants of your Soul-family who help out in the union and might or might not stay in your family. You can also see in the figure that the bigger cabal-minds usually stay at a certain distance and rather lead the attacks, they are synced with all the smaller parasite minds and know everything these smaller minds find out about the union and communications. These bigger cabal-minds and spirits are the ones that then plan further attacks to separate members of the Soul-family and lead them astray.

Your Soul-family is consisting of exactly those Souls on Earth which suit best to your own Soul, oftentimes, these are Souls of a certain size of your own Soul-monad (monads are pretty much Soul-trees). Sometimes also Souls of a different monad will join in due to highly suitable qualities. These Soul-families will mainly consist of Souls who where on Earth but are not limited to those. The Souls in the union are the perfect love-partners every human could have ever wished for. These unions will be the absolute perfect fulfilment of love for every participating human Soul in the end.

Minds and images of minds

Your mind is pretty much the absolute measure of your intelligence. Every mind has a certain size, which, in addition to its speed, is a good representation of your true intelligence in the given system - which is Earth in this case. This is basically what your spirit has found out about life on Earth and its connections to pretty much everything, all those connections you need to act intelligent take place in your mind.

Higher ascendants will be able to see the minds of any human they encounter. Like in the figure, they will just perceive a sphere of a certain size at will and will be able know about the humans they meet.

The bad part about minds is that the cabal and especially the lurker see the mind as well at least to a degree. It gets even worse here, the cabal is able to take images of at least medium sized minds and will be able to run simulations upon those images. That means the cabal is able to predict the behaviour of medium sized minds pretty well. What is even worse is that the lurker and several top-cabal, can actually replace the minds they captured with modified images. That means whatever you tell those cabal-minds is irrelevant, because the cabal will delete that information for the minds and spirits they captured. They could even use your own mind against yourself and send you humans who are basically operating on an image of your own mind. They actually did that throughout the ages for torturing humans, creating an opponent of themselves which is then made superior by supportive artificial intelligence of the cabal. For bigger minds, this was not a problem, as the cabal could not make correct images of them. The good part about images of minds is that the Lightforces can do the same and have much higher abilities in pretty much everything the cabal can do. So they can restore lost minds and provide them with truths which might help them out and join the Lightforces sooner or later.

However these images and more are the reasons why many smaller minds fell into serving the cabal, they could not win against them and their technology. The cabal could predict every of their actions and could easily outsmart the smaller ones, then giving in to the illusions.

What is unique and certainly unpredictable is the Soul-connection of the mind. This is what made even smaller minds win against these measures of the cabal and enabled them to break free in the end - the Soul is not part of those images. Though even that unpredictable part of the positive minds is just as big as the Soul itself. Usually the size of the mind also is also proportional to the size of the Soul - time is what can make a difference to the development of the mind. That is why many smaller Souls fell for the illusions of the cabal throughout the ages, and some of those are right now attacking the union of Soul-families. Depending on how long these minds serve the cabal (usually the Soul connection is lost upon joining them), some of these spirits and minds are beyond healing and will be deported to the Central Sun. Also, many such minds do not have a physical body anymore and are just doing the will of the lurker, who captured them in first place.

Many of those attackers are however evacuated upon attacking the Soul-families, these are those minds who are still able to understand fundamental truths and still show reactions on being told about what they do wrong. Their ability to heal is usually waning according to the time they are in service of the cabal.

All of these battles on the mental sphere are constantly serving the advancements of the Lightforces and therefore the later unions will be much safer than the first ones are right now. Additionally, the parasitic spirits are deported all along, making later unions even more smooth. Therefore it might actually be in your own best interest if you are not yet united with your Soul-family as the biggest Starseeds are still in the process of paving your best possible way.