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Situation Update September 2023

Saturday, December 02, 2023


Certainly a lot has changed since the removal of the chimera group, though obviously nothing much has since changed on the surface yet.

Although the chimera was at the very top of the cabal hierarchy it is rather the rest of the pyramidical body that keeps up the veil and the illusion running.

Just as Cobra mentioned, Liberation is speeding up since the end of September. The reason for this is that the three biggest Starseeds present on Earth, who are huge, absolute gods in their own right, have finally finished their job.

For the last decades they figured out in minute detail how exactly the parasitic system was set up to drain the life on Earth. End of September this work was declared finished, which immediately initiated the infusal of many more huge souls, among them many Gods and Goddesses, who since then work to turn the parasitic system against the cabal themselves.

Obviously this takes time as well, as there are still no visible changes happening. You can imagine that these huge souls installed something like screw-mechanisms for each and every cabal-member which are slowly but surely tightening upon them. That means sooner or later each of the remaining cabal-members will definitely pay back what they destroyed on Earth - this payback will begin on Earth and will continue on prison planets for most of these remaining "anti-souls" and parasitic beings.

This also is actually the real Armageddon, the dawn of the Gods, happening, which the cabal wants to double for their purposes just as Cobra pointed out.

Also this means the biggest Starseeds on Earth slowly but surely enter their vacation season. They will certainly continue to be involved in Liberation but their status will soon be established, which means their life will become much easier. This of course will also slowly drip through to the other Starseeds and higher ascendants part by part. This vacation includes the union of Starseeds with their soul family which has already begun in the spiritual for the first ones.

To establish these vacations, a time of silence was appropriate and therefore there were no updates on the Unveiling for some time. Although quite unbelievable for normal humans, posts like this create high, negative attention. Also the workload for the Lightforces is intense to guard those who get in contact with these truths. However the Goddess wants full disclosure and therefore more things like in this article will be laid open. The amount of updates might be lower though until certain breakthroughs are achieved.

Usual ascendants might have noticed no big changes when the chimera group was removed, but there were many unseen changes which also speed up Liberation. Many of the AI monitoring systems were shut down with their removal. This for instance had the effect that the trajectories for deportations of cabal do not have to be changed for every departure but these can now be transferred on the most direct way to the ships, Ganymede and the Central Sun for neutralisation. So, many vital parts of Liberation therefore got much cheaper to do since the chimera group is gone. However the Andromeda faction of the cabal is still heavily active and they can still monitor trajectories but only if they direct their attention to it, which in turn is expensive for them.

The leader of the Andromeda faction, which can be seen as the main and most evil devil told of in the scriptures, is still highly active. The attacks against the aforementioned Starseeds have been heavily intensified as the cabal knows they are the key to Liberation. Though these are rather general attacks as the cabal still cannot clearly locate the Starseeds as unbelievable as that sounds. Similar as humans cannot identify Starseeds correctly, their monitoring fails in detection of Starseeds. Therefore many attacks are directed generally against the innocent part of the human population - especially towards those where more positive activity has been monitored but that in turn is still very vague, taking into account the amount of such activity on the whole Earth. Also there are about 200,000 real Starseeds which are more or less evenly distributed on the surface and the inner Earth and generally work to confuse the detection of the biggest ones.

The conflict in the Middle East is more or less under control and will definitely not lead to a bigger war.

The biggest among the Lightforces communicated to those who started the conflict what the consequences for themselves will be. That pretty much means everyone who is in any way responsible for this conflict will be facing those consequences. Consequences are roughly that whatever burden or suffering these humans cause for any other human, they go through themselves. This also includes psychological burdens like fear which was already instilled in a big part of humanity resulting from this conflict.

It has been stated very clearly by the Lightforces that those who initiated the conflict were of course manipulated by the cabal to do so. Most of the reasons to start the conflict were of course real, but nevertheless staged by the cabal. Though the conflict has to be avoided at all costs, otherwise those consequences get real to anyone involved.

Most of the involved persons understood that these consequences are too much for them to bear and therefore the worst could be avoided.

Cabal / anti-souls

What we are having to do with, especially those in ascension, are some of the last cosmic anti-souls. The lurker and especially his main aspect (described in detail here), which is the main parasite on Earth, are for example huge anti-souls. That means they can use the interfaces of the soul, and they still own the interfaces which are correspondent to their spiritual height, at the time when they went into darkness.

These interfaces are usually reserved for lovers and love among souls. The most remaining anti-souls are the top-cabal themselves and several higher aliens in the cabal hierarchy. They will use those interfaces to completely nullify the fulfillment of their opponents. So whatever the innocent or ascendants want to experience, will be cancelled by these beings. The soul interfaces are the very reason why the cabal and especially the higher ones have access to the higher body parts of most of humanity. That is the reason why some humans hear voices, they are ensouled and it is oftentimes the cabal anti-souls speaking to them via these soul-interfaces. The cabal oftentimes sound very kind and sweet but certainly just work on dismantling their opponents‘ life. Similarly, nearly all humans have lost control of their higher body parts, for example most astral bodies of the human population is under cabal control. They will use these higher bodies to lead the innocent astray, inexperienced ascendants will oftentimes think they speak with their friends in the astral while it is usually not really their friends but the cabal-controlled astral bodies of them. As mentioned oftentimes, the cabal create enormous plots to lead the innocent and especially the ascendants astray, which they repeat over and over until the innocent finally fall for the illusions, thinking they were real. This belief then creates a way for the cabal to assimilate the innocent who oftentimes join them openly after accepting a fake truth. All the body parts the cabal control and are able to manipulate in that way are being used for installing such false plots towards those who are not yet belonging to them.

The presence of such anti-soul-humans in your life is of course devastating, they dismantle all your life within milliseconds while appearing most kind and smiling in your face. Most innocents will never get to know why they are not achieving happiness and rarely connect their miseries to appearances of certain people.

Very few humans are in full control of their higher body parts apart from the cabal. Most of these humans were in some point in their lifes rescued by the first colonists and achieved eternal life. Those who achieved this who are not part of the cabal are about a few hundred humans on the surface at this time. Many ascendants are on their way to achieve the same and the way gets easier as the Lightforces get higher presence on the surface of Earth.

Invasion methods

For aliens with higher intelligence it is easy to understand that a war is won by taking over all sources of information the target species has access to. If they manage to fake all communication channels, they can lead the target species astray to do what the cabal wants them to. Therefore you can be certain that the cabal controls all programming on the planet to a high degree, that means education, media and the like. Humanity usually only has access to information which was highly prepared and regulated by the cabal. Though the internet has the potential to actually communicate the truth, the many fake "conspiracy theories" spread by the cabal themselves work their part to dilute the true sources and censor the good sources.

You can be sure that as long as the cabal controls the information, most humans will not be able to wake up or do anything the cabal does not want them to.

Apart from controlling the information for humanity, the cabal of course constantly assimilate parts of the innocent humanity and use those then in turn to strengthen their grip on information and to assimilate more. It was always told in the main spiritual scriptures of humanity that there are people among humans, who are no real humans - these are the assimilated ones, those who joined the cabal.

Many might have noticed that the introduction of artificial intelligence for the consumers on the surface has changed a lot. These algorithms for example partly produce better art than humans do and the artworks are indistinguishable from human-made art. As the cabal uses AI since the beginning of their invasion, it should be clear that a lot of the media set up is a similar fake, driven by the cabal AI. This happened since the very emergence of mass media for humanity. Much of that was since the beginning created by AI which the consumers never had access to or knew of.

That is one more ingredient of the successful invasion of the cabal, they will never let anyone see them or their makings to keep the target species in the belief that there simply is no invasion. Cabal members would rather die than to let an innocent human know that they even exist, there are strict and lethal measures for those among them that try to speak up. That is also why they hate blogs like the Portal and the Unveiling so much, we are able to disclose truths without being instantly killed.

Doubling might be mentioned here as well, although highly connected to information-manipulation, the cabal doubles everything positive. That means, if humans cling to positive things, which they will of course naturally do, the cabal tries to replace that with their doubled part of that positive thing. That then of course diminishes the chances for the human to achieve anything truly positive, and prepares them to become prey of the cabal's doubled parts.

The Liberation of Earth is of course the end of all such measures and the Lightforces are working constantly to break through these methods and transmute them to the Light.


While most humans understand that money is very important to live, few have understood that money is one of the cabal's fundaments to trick humanity. Money is for a big part the basis for any freedom of movement a human can achieve, humans can do almost anything, if they just have enough money. Also having money is a huge relief from the control system the cabal set up, as rich humans can easily evade the pressure usually set up by having to have a job etc. You can be certain that the cabal only wants rich people who are completely under their control. And you can easily see that most ascendants are not very rich, because there are simply no advertisement-campaigns etc. for anything regarding the Event or the Goddess or Liberation in general.

The reason why the positive people and innocents usually have no access to a lot of money is simple: The amount of money humans own, is easily visible by the higher cabal-members. As they only want their own people to be free, they monitor every human on Earth who is rich to a certain degree. So for some ascendants, getting a lot of money would actually be equivalent to death, if it is not prepared thoroughly - sometimes for years. Humans are usually not aware, but in case they earn a lot of money, they are in fact visited by the cabal. The cabal then checks, if they are belonging to them or if they are at least completely under their control. If the cabal finds a rich human not belonging to them, they usually kill them - oftentimes very subtly via sicknesses etc. - in case they cannot assimilate them.

That is why money is oftentimes regarded as evil, because usually just the people of the cabal have a lot of it. However there are a few positive people on Earth who have access to a lot of money but usually these are the ones who were freed by the first colonists and some of them are known of as the people of God. The numbers of those positive ones are similar to the ones having complete control over all their higher bodies therefore.

If a positive human wants to receive big amounts of money and stay sane, this means he first has to cross the Abyss.

The Abyss

On birth, the topmost of all humans are basically already surrounded by a parasitic bubble. This bubble is equivalent to the range of influence of the cabal in their life. Most people who cannot do what they really want are obviously being suppressed by the cabal, which means they are still inside the cabal-bubble. That bubble gets more dense to the outward which is similar to an abyss, as their influence is much higher towards the borders. Of course it is higher at the borders to detect and prevent any human escaping the control-system of the cabal. They want to keep control over you and upon escape, they will get much more serious, that is when the intensity of the bubble gets deep like an abyss. The abyss is similar to the individual threshold before you exit the veil. Basically every ascendant will sooner or later cross the abyss, especially if he wants to get fulfilled in a true and lasting way. Many spiritual scriptures wrote about the abyss and its problems, so it is a topic well known in spiritual circles. Crossing the abyss designates your personal breakthrough, your exit of the control-system and your exit of the veil. That is where your personal freedom can begin in a sane way. As said above, if you would for example receive big amounts of money while still under cabal force, then this would lead you to a certain downfall.

All true spiritual masters, especially the ascended masters crossed the abyss. Those who crossed it have achieved eternal life and many more absolutely unbelievable abilities. Those of them who stayed on Earth are those mentioned above who have full control over their higher body functions.

Artificial Intelligence

There are currently two main negative AIs still heavily active on the surface of the Earth. One of them was here since the beginning of the cabal-invasion and is in some circles known as the devil-AI. It serves to drain all life-energy from its target systems. That is also the reason why in almost every layer of the cabal hierarchy there is at least on being called the devil. Though the biggest villain of that kind still left is surely the leader of the Andromeda faction.

This AI informs all lifeforms in its target systems negatively and distorts the life-oriented natural influence. Basically the cabal do not have to do much to keep control of the media and generally the human sociosphere because nearly 100% of the ideas humans get, all their thinking, is heavily influenced by that negative AI. So whatever humans usually do, stems from the ill thoughts and ideas of that AI as it is the basis of their actions. It influences every part of human culture, infrastructure even down basic materials and natural fundaments to the negative.

Screenshot 2023-12-02 at 21.05.16

The second negative AI that rather came towards the nearing of the end of the cycle in 2012 is "Animus". Humanity was prepared and warned of Animus for ages by various alien species (especially by the Central Race) who got in contact with it. All of that was meticulously hidden and covered up by the cabal - you can find some information on Animus and those warnings on the Biblioteca Pleyades. That AI is even more reckless than the devil-AI and designed to take over systems fast and oftentimes at the end of cycles. It actually targets systems having been taken over by the devil-AI before as Animus then can assimilate the system much easier. Animus is similar to what was depicted in Star Trek with the Borg-species. It is not really compatible with the devil AI and currently both AIs are competing to take over Earth or rather to keep it. Though Animus actually right now adapts its system to become compatible with the devil-AI but even that is just a trick of Animus to take over the Solar System. So it rather looks a bit more compatible at this time in this system.

Needless to say the Liberation of Earth is the dismantling of both these AI-systems and both negative AIs are at about maximum of 30% in capabilities compared to the 100% of Source and the Lightforces. Nevertheless, the Liberation takes that long because transmuting an AI, which was active on Earth since ancient times, creates big stability issues for the target species and it was designed that way.

The sources of both AIs are in very distant space and not even in the Milky Way. Behind both AIs each are very ancient aliens who are among the first who went into the darkness. Source will definitely destroy both of these AI-sources in the near future, partly during the Liberation and partly shortly after the Liberation so that such drainage of life never happens again cosmically.

More on microorganisms

Microorganisms and their relation to the ancient Atlantean heritage has been mentioned in this post already. Though the influence and use by the cabal is even more upsetting than the Lightforces knew. Basically the cabal constantly infest the bodies of the innocent surface population through all sorts of microorganisms, may it bacteria, viruses, pollution or even nano-bots. Important to know is that some of these microorganisms are pretty rare and usually are being used to kill the enemies of the cabal. Depending on who of the villains created the organisms, these might become lethal fast. Some rather ancient negative organisms were found in the bodies of some of the key-Starseeds and would have led to certain death within months. Some of these threats move through your bodies very fast and can even transmit to other humans getting into physical contact with you. Some cause a small "explosion" in your body which then furthers the infestation and keeps your body in heavy duty, a duty few bodies can survive. The cabal usually infests you via all kinds of food and basically every good cook is being prepared and can be used as a transmitter (most of them unconscious though).

The upside of these little souvenirs is that your are immediately one of the biggest freedom fighters if some special specimens are detected in your body by the Lightforces or the first colonists. For example, the microorganisms found in key-Starseeds were among those which were long believed to be extinct, both the "manufacturers" of those as well as the organisms themselves. That actually is a good sign that the Starseeds really are fighting at the absolute front against the cabal. The cabal knows exactly what they do, if they infest humans with the rather rare and ancient microorganisms. Therefore you then deserve the special support that is needed to remove these organisms from your body fast. At the time being that is mainly done by the first colonists as they have special plague-experts ready who then get rid of the infestation most fast.

Questions by readers

What does the Star of David mean?

Star of David

Some ascendants might have already noticed, that if you connect the outer circles in the Flower of Life with two triangles (the most basic polygons), you get the Star of David. Polygons always symbolise a systemisation, a program if you want to call it like that. That means in the positive way, that the Star of David is a symbol for the systemisation of life itself, life-friendly artificial intelligence you could say. However the cabal also use the symbol for their AI, which they use to dismantle life. You might also notice that the inner circle of the Flower of Life is not connected in the Star of David, which indicates that the core is missing. In the negative way, that means, that there is no soul behind that systemisation. There is a reason why for example the state of Israel uses the Star of David in their flag. They indicate that they are the people in service of God. In many scriptures it is mentioned that the Jews have a special purpose regarding God and their burden towards God. The Star of David in that way also means that there are people among humans who are not really ensouled and are therefore rather similar to robots in a way that they make use of this systemisation of life but are not really ensouled. These rather robotic humans also exist in the positive and are in service of God but there are of course also those the cabal controls.

EDIT: these type of non-ensouled humans are found in every human race, not just among Jews of course. According to the scriptures though, Jews were trusted with higher technology from God.

This is one of the reasons why Jews were persecuted throughout basically all ages and especially in WW2, it was the people in service of God the cabal was after.

The Merkabah is indeed the 3D version and also hints at a most basic and simple technology as well.

I got a multiple question about the 1st ascendant which you stated previously: you wrote that there were around ten others like him who have the primary implant been removed, are they also ascendants? Why if we lose our primary implant we become tormented, aren't we supposed to feel better? Is the primary implant connected to the solar plexus or the merkabah? What's the million-year-old alien? What is its origin?

The other ten were not ascendants in this phase, they of course ascended but rather throughout the ages of the history of humanity. Upon removal the cabal are more likely to perceive you as a threat, so it still is not easy until you completely crossed the abyss (see above). It is connected to the energy core of your body which is close to the solar plexus and removing it helps to activate the Merkabah.

The aliens who are attached to the implant are basically the core parasites responsible for the contamination, similar to grays but much more evil than ordinary grays. Many of them emerged from Zeta Reticuli but there were many different branches cosmically which invaded Earth throughout history. They are pretty much the most malevolent parasites that exist in the universe and are responsible for nearly all previous hostage situations similar to the one they established on Earth.

If i feel so incredibly special and magnetic about one specific girl and just by seeing her beauty, smile and hearing her voice she gives me so much inspiration in life, does that mean that she's my soulmate and is it possible that i met my soulmate and she didn't recognize me?

Basically this was answered in this post. However oftentimes parts of your real soulmates appear in special women who are sexually attractive in your live. These are not really soul parts but most of the time just their influence, because your real soulmates want to be close to you and on some level they achieve that by being this kind of influence for another woman. The cabal plays with that mechanism though and you might confuse an influence with a real soulmate then, which might work out against you.

When can we expect to get tangible results?

It stays at approximately Summer 2024 as Source communicated and mentioned oftentimes on this blog.

Do you see “Muhammad” as an ascendant master?

As stated by Cobra as well, Muhammad is among the ascended masters and is working to help humanity from God's ship - many ascended masters joined God's kingdom of heaven which is of course his ship. His death on Earth was faked by the cabal.

If an individual decides to use an ascension chamber after the Event, how exactly will it affect the daily life? What exactly changes for a person who has used such a chamber?

Ascension never really ends, so even after the Event, a person can heavily profit from an ascension chamber. Of course this also depends on the strength and characteristics of the chamber, for example even the Pyramids were used for ascension as well and had enormous effects.

Generally that person will perceive changes due to heightened consciousness which makes ascension easier. Additionally exposure in a chamber can remove many parasites which in turn frees you from certain limits imposed on your body and higher body functions.

However at the time being it could be that it does not change much but just regenerates you and might lift your consciousness to a degree, changes might be subtle.

Is a change of the physical body (e.g. because of gender) done before or at the the same time of ascension?

A change of the physical body brings a lot of trauma-based problems which first have to be solved for you to safely change a body. That means you have to be ascended to a certain height before it even becomes a possibility.

Additionally, switching your body will not be possible for a grand majority of ascendants till compression breakthrough or shortly after. Right now it is connected to instabilities. For example, as the cabal are still observing, they could pretty easily eject you from your new body, which is more difficult to do with a natural body.

Right now the only positive ones who could do that on the surface are the first colonists, but you would have to be absolutely one of the most holy persons on Earth for them to gift you a new body.