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Divine Intervention Activation Update

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Friday, December 17, 2021

Signing process for our Planetary Liberation petition has been very successful, on both petition websites together we have gathered more than 165,000 signatures until now:




This is already well over 144,000 signatures needed, and a certain exopolitical protocol will be initialized at the moment of our meditation at 4 pm UTC on December 21st:

You can definitely keep signing the petition if you have not already signed, but our main focus now will be to gather over 144,000 people meditating at the exact same moment at 4:00 pm UTC on December 21st.

Therefore the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to participate in our last booster meditation to help reaching the critical mass. This booster meditation will be taking place at the moment of the full moon on December 19th at 4:35 am UTC.

The exact time for our ultimate booster meditation for all time zones worldwide is here:

Instructions for the booster meditation remain the same, and are posted here:

Ultimate booster meditation livestream video in English is here:

You can keep signing the petition here:

And finally, the instructions for our main meditation on December 21st are here:

Victory of the Light!