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Situation Update (18.08.23 and 22.08.23)

Friday, August 18, 2023


Sorry for the delayed updates, but it's very busy at the moment. The Light Forces are currently dealing with insectoid races within the Grid, which have also exploited Earth, along with the Arachnoids. These races are structured into queens and drones and see humanity as their hive of worker bees supplying them with "honey" (energy, money on the physical plane, etc.).

Some of these insectoids still enter the planets' higher planes via portals, which leads to fierce battles with the Light Forces, in which, unfortunately, exotic weapons are being used by the negative side, causing several detonations inside the ethereal planes in the past days.

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Situation Update July and August 2023

Thurstday, August 10, 2023


This post will feature a situation update followed by several insights and answers to questions after that. The clearing of the subquantum anomaly and chimera group is still in full swing, though there were not many special or new advances but rather the clearing of what was already topic of the previous posts.

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Planetary Situation Update and Kyoto Ascension Conference Report

Cobra Logo

Monday, July 24, 2023

The main focus of the Light forces is now clearing of the subquantum anomaly.

Subquantum anomaly is not as innocent as it was previously believed, and the Lurker entity poses quite a challenge. More intel about the Lurker is now available. In the previous cosmic cycle, some entities wanted to survive the big crunch as the universe was collapsing into a singularity, and the only possible way to survive this (except Ascension) was to forcefully project consciousness into the subquantum anomaly.

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Sisterhood of the Rose Interview with Cobra - “Portal of Light Activation” - Part 2

Sisterhood of the Rose Logo

Thursday, June 28, 2023 10:08:00 AM

Sisterhood of the Rose organized another interview with chief intel provider "Cobra" to follow up about the results of the important and successful Portal of Light Activation mass meditation that took place in May.

In Part 2 of this interview, Cobra and Debra, a leader with the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network, discuss how the positive timeline is now much more stable and what we might expect moving forward. They also discuss current events, planetary liberation and the "Event", the Galactic Superwave, Ascension, twin souls, the Divine Feminine and Goddess energy, healing, protection, and much more!

You can listen to the interview on the Sisterhood of the Rose YouTube channel here:


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