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Spiritual Self-Mastery - the Way of the Jedi

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Friday, January 16, 2018

Spiritual Self-Mastery - the Way of the Jedi

Spiritual self-mastery is defined as having complete control over one’s emotional and physical responses, as well as mental and spiritual acuity in the face of any situation. It means having the power and control to decide from your own ‘high heart center’ how you will act, NOT react, during all interactions.

It will predetermine choices we make for our life path based on understanding potential consequences of our behavior. It gives us a good preview down our timeline as to what Karma may deal us based on the level of positivity and integrity we display through responsible choices. It potentially helps us to create more positive interactions with others if we choose not to engage in negative acts. It assists us to gain more solidified inner-peace in the face of any challenge. It allows us to create balance, harmony and joy within ourselves and create deeper interpersonal relationships.

Self-mastery literally stops us from being triggered by our injuries, wounds and Ego mind-control programming. Spiritual Self-mastery leads us to an extremely strong connection to our inner-guidance which links us directly to our I AM presence, Source, and the Force, on a continuous basis. The link that is created will be trustworthy, permanent and unfailing. Many people will activate their psychic, intuitive or healing abilities once they clear emotional blockages and become a purer channel of light.

At this point, one usually receives inner guidance about one’s mission here on Earth. Spiritual self-mastery is to be the master of your Self… and to truly fully understand who you really are on every level, no surprises or hidden aspects/personalities of Self will remain. It means you are not ‘holding in’ or suppressing your responses, you actually are in a space of sacred neutrality. You are not feeling emotional distress, just making proactive choices as situations arise because you have learned not to filter life situations through lower emotions, but through logic and higher clarity.

Are You a Truther or a Lightworker/Lightwarrior?

Those who have experienced an awakening process may not be aware of the multiple layers of necessary inner-work. It takes practice and dedication to access the powers of one’s Higher Self and higher mind on a regular basis. Just because one has awakened to certain truths occurring on this planet, does not mean one automatically handles interactions with others in positive and beneficial ways for the planetary situation and one’s own karma. In this case, they can be called a Truther, not a Lightworker or Lightwarrior. One involves inner-work, the other is a Conspiracy Theorist or Exopolitical researcher.

The two can easily be combined if one chooses to tackle the challenges of clearing one’s patterns, Ego programs, and emotional pain which does not serve the benefit of one’s highest good, and make choices to become a more enlightened person spiritually.

The Internet as a Tool, Not a Weapon

The internet has become a tool in many aspects for the planetary liberation. It is a fantastic resource for information and intelligence for research on any given subject. Though, it can be misused by certain ‘Deep State’ groups who have agendas to spread disinformation and confuse the Lightworker/Lightwarrior community.

It also has been used as a forum to create separation and hatred. Since people are not face to face, they find it easy to provoke fights and use harsh words or judgments if others do not agree with their viewpoint. The catch is, that we live in a vibrational universe which has laws of cause and effect, and of course, the Law of Attraction. Whatever we put out, will inevitably come right back to us in some form or another! No one is exempt from the repercussions of the Laws of the Universe.

Be it during an episode of anonymous road rage, or anonymous internet fighting, or a face to face argument! It is very apparent that even those who do know each other personally will tend to have more ‘internet balls’ than when they are in person. It is important to use the tools we have at our disposal to enhance our life experience in a positive way. Be aware of what you put out into the world, and the planetary grid, if you want to create a more positive experience in your life.

There is a very high degree of mind-control programming on this planet that makes it ‘normal’ and acceptable to treat others terribly and not be concerned about consequences. Do not be a victim of this programming. Rise above it. Use your higher heart to spread love, not negativity. Control your ‘triggered responses’. Choose to be balanced and stable instead of a tool for the Dark spreading anger and hatred.

With that said, it is of the utmost importance to act with integrity and kindness at all times regardless if anyone is looking or not. Life should not be considered a popularity contest. We are all in this together. We all live on a Dark occupied planet, and quarantined Earth, together. We need to be helping each other instead of finding fault, and attacking each other. We need to be aware of the fact that the negative forces, or the Dark, want us to fight with one another instead of blame them for the horrible atrocities and crimes against Humanity they have committed! Let’s not forget they are actually the real villains!

Integrity and Kindness as Rules of Spiritual Self-Mastery

This is where spiritual self-mastery comes into play. When we follow a set of personal rules or codes of integrity and conduct, we will not treat others with such disdain, and outright negativity. We can choose not to step so quickly into anger or accusation leading to disunity.

Ultimately resulting in negative energies blasting into the Lightworker/Lightwarrior collective, and planetary grid. When we examine our personality closely and carefully, we will recognize our weaknesses and fears. When we are honest with ourselves, we can create a list of aspects of our personality that need to be strengthened, improved, or just plain discarded.

Many people are conditioned to be very insecure and therefore exhibit jealousy and competition. It is actually encouraged by the Dark to feel and behave this way when interacting with others. From a very early age we are indoctrinated with so much media programming that makes people believe their uniqueness or qualities are not good enough when compared to others. This of course is a pure fabrication of truth, a downright lie. We must appreciate our unique ‘colors’ instead of condemn them for not being the same as others. Shine them brightly as part of the rainbow we all create together.

Our Uniqueness Makes us Special

It is our uniqueness that makes us special. We each have unique abilities, talents, and personalities that make us a beautiful part of the collective of Humanity. No one is better than the other in the eyes of Source. When viewed this way, competition between people should not even be considered. How can one compete when each has different qualities and abilities? One is apples, one is oranges!

We must look at ourselves as unique pieces of art that hold purpose and are here for a specific reason. No two people can be compared with another because life experience, and soul experiences are never alike. This is actually a huge blessing. A unique individual is a glorious gift. We are each gifts, reflections of Source, connected by the network of the Force. Please never be disappointed in being you…for you are a piece of the Divine and are glorious in your personal way. Never underestimate your beauty, your inner being, your power, or your heritage. Your heritage is steeped in the stars. We are all spiritual beings having a Human experience on a very backwards planet! It is important to only measure yourself against yourself, not by others. We can use our level of awakening, or of grasping lessons as a unit of comparative measure, to understand how far we have come, and what lies ahead for us. Not as a way of belittling or negatively judging our progress, but just a unit of measure that holds no emotional weight or stigma.

The Master is Non-Judgmental

The Master is non-judgmental of oneself, and of others, or situations.

Judgment is a lower vibrational unit of measure, or way of viewing the world and it’s challenges. When we judge any person, ourselves, or any situation, we instantly lose the potential lesson it is gifting to us, and are condemned to repeat it! When we get upset and react instead of ask ourselves why it is happening, and what do we stand to gain from the experience, we automatically are signing on for negative karma.

When we engage in lower emotions of drama due to our judgment call, we are reacting from triggered behavior instead of a place of self-control and self-mastery. When we use our discernment, and make the choice to act instead of react, we are opening a path to create a potential outcome that can be beneficial instead of negative. Imagine that emotionally triggered reactions are like a huge fire burning down your home. You can add more fuel to this fire, or you can throw water on it to put it out.

The choice is ultimately yours to make. All the programming which has been indoctrinated into our minds since childhood directs us toward adding more fuel to the fire. In this way, ‘they’ try to take away our free will choice by programming us to behave in ways that are counterproductive to the result we truly want. Not many will actually want their house to burn down! We must take responsibility for our actions and be aware of our responses at all times. It sounds like a great deal of work to reprogram our conditioned responses. But, suffice it to say that dealing with the ashes of a burnt down house is much more work! The fallout of terrible drama is much harder to repair. We must make the commitment to move forward into a place of awareness and forgiveness in order to let go of the programming that makes us be ’blind’ judges. We can begin assessing situations and people through the eyes of Source with discernment and clarity, which gives us a new filter to clearly view all the lessons and gifts we stand to gain.

Attention is Power…Power Goes Where Attention Flows

As beings with innate co-creative abilities to manifest our desires, we must be exclusively aware of what we focus our attention upon. Since attention is the focal point of power, we must understand that we will only manifest more of what we do not desire, if we constantly put our attention on negative subjects. On the flipside, if we are focusing on what we wish to create, and put our clear and high vibrating emotions into the mix, we will inevitably create that which we desire flawlessly and swiftly.

The Spiritual Master is aware of the power within oneself. It is critical that we are not being dragged away from the goal of planetary breakthrough and liberation by trivial situations, and lower vibrational behaviors. That is the trap of the Dark. Do not fall into it! The Master is always aware of where his/her attention is being placed. He knows that it is a powerful energy that literally creates worlds! Watch carefully where your attention, and intention is being placed on a moment to moment basis. Program yourself to focus only on what you choose to deliberately create.

Do not focus on what you do not want. The Universe will respond to your focus, attention and emotional fuel. It does not discriminate. It will deliver to you what you do not want if you constantly put your attention upon it. Be careful what you ask for, because you will receive it! Fine tune your focus and attention so you only create what you deliberately desire. Train your mind to move away from negative thoughts by redirecting it to happy and pleasant things to think about.

Soon, it will become a habit of thought to be in a positive mode. When you hear or feel negative situations, you will no longer choose to allow it into your reality. You will be well aware of the damage it can cause to your positive timeline. Groups of people together focusing their attention on a common goal, such as mass meditation, can create amazing situations. Use your powers for good not evil!

Energetic Protection Through Spiritual Self-Mastery

Spiritual self-mastery becomes a form of emotional and energetic protection.

With practice, it will allow you to have control over your energy field and emotional state. This will give you protection from negative forces from different dimensional planes that seek to cause harm, as well as from unbalanced emotional fields of others. When we master our emotions, we are actually aligning with the higher heart center of ourselves. This directly connects us with Source. We then emanate a higher vibrational frequency which will magnetically attract to us those of like vibration.

(Law of Attraction or Law of Magnetism) A higher vibration will lower the potential to attract negative people, situations or challenges. Though, if any should arise, we are more equipped to handle them with dignity and grace instead of engaging in lower vibrational acts, a conditioned response from past programming. We will not be disturbed by them and can carry on flawlessly and seamlessly through life.

With these choices, we actually create a more powerful shield of light within our energy field that deflects negative energies. Like attracts like. If we are vibrating too high for negative energies to affect us, we will be more protected from it’s dark influence.

The Importance of a Higher Vibration on the Path of Enlightenment

As our vibration rises, we experience deeper meditative states, and become a much clearer channel for our higher guidance to give us messages and healing. We will also be able to tune into our abilities without interference from any outside source. We can also experience reversal of health issues and emotional imbalances that were caused by past traumas and injury.

A higher vibration allows for us to encompass deep forgiveness and compassion for others and self, leading to a much more peaceful inner being. This internal peace signals our cell tissue and emotional field to heal itself naturally and organically without the need for medical attention. All electromagnetic frequencies used on the population are designed to keep our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in distress. This decreases the light quotient in our auric field leading to a lower level of wellness. When we make choices to do the work and literally clear/release and let go of our traumas, and negative Ego behaviors, we welcome levels of healing that can be compared to a jump to light speed! We activate our natural healing processes. Our vibrational field then emanates messages to the Universe to trigger healing, joy and wellness, which in turn will attract this to us tenfold.

We will attract willing co-creators who are in alignment with our desires and mentality, bringing us much more fulfillment. This is the path of enlightenment. The goal being to allow ourselves to be vessels which actually hold, emanate, and anchor more Divine Light. Source, and the Higher realms, including the Light Forces will always support and align with you in this process.

As Cobra stated “ You need to understand that if you wish to make your life better, you need to do 80% of the work yourself so the Light forces can help you with the remaining 20%”

Once we recognize that there is a reason we are being suppressed and controlled, which is to dampen our light frequency so we do not activate our Ascension and Earth Mission, we will be much more aware of the power we have to eliminate all that does not serve our path on the way to spiritual self-mastery…the way of the Jedi. We have so much guidance and help from the Higher realms, but cannot tune into this effectively and accurately when we are bogged down with intense emotional pain and negative Ego behaviors, and mind-control programming.

Master Yoda


In closing, I would like to leave you with this thought…

We are each a piece of Source Energy here on Earth having a Human experience. The ridiculous mind-programming by the “powers that be’ on Earth does not exist on the Higher planes. Everything you have been taught to believe negatively about yourself or others is pure fabrication.

We are not helpless victims, or powerless beings who have no purpose or mission. It is exactly the opposite! The Dark would not go through all the insane trouble to make us believe otherwise if this were really true. They spend billions of dollars convincing us we have no power and nothing will ever change. When you consistently connect to your inner being through meditation and inner work, you will turn right into the Higher Being you truly are. Get to know this person, become this person. Be your higher eternal self, not just your personality self. You have a deeper truth ready to be revealed.

Most reading this are Starseeds that have come to Earth for a particular planetary mission. It is time that we remember who we truly are, and how significant we are to Source and this Planet. You are not here by mistake, and you are not insignificant. Everything we have been indoctrinated with through media, school, etc., makes us feel like we do not matter, when the opposite is actually true.

We are all Divine beings, and that is the truth!

Please understand that when the soul is laughing and blissful,

Peace is restored.

Victory of the Light!

Situation Update

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 will be a year of many breakthroughs. The Light Forces are creating a powerful unified field throughout the Solar system in the second phase of an important operation that was already mentioned a few times in this blog and is codenamed Mjolnir. The second phase of this operation started on January 3rd and will be completed in early March ( a short delay from the previous estimate of late February ). This is intuitively described in the following article:


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13 rays and the Planes

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

13 rays and the Planes

As Cobra explained, the universe is a result of interaction between the Source (the principle of the Absolute), and its logical opposite the primary anomaly (contingency, senselessness). The Source intervenes in the universe to correct, heal and re-connect it with itself, using its divine will, but its power is limited by the anomaly. The universe arranged itself into various planes which are states of matter, expressing various proportions of Source presence and anomaly. Highest planes are almost completely infused by the Source, and the lower we go the more anomaly there is. The will of Source manifests itself in the universe as an organized and harmonious set of 12 rays. The central 13th ray is the Will of Source, and the other 12 are as follows (also provided by Cobra) :

1 white/electric blue - will

2 pink - love

3 light blue - creative intelligence

4 pearl white - harmony

5 topaz blue - concrete knowledge

6 ruby red - idealism

7 violet - manifestation

8 brownish pink - divine grace

9 grey blue/violet - genius

10 opalescent white - integration

11 violet blue - link between dimentions

12 aquamarine blue - absolute positivity


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Situation Update

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Situation Update

The Black Stone has been dissolved, and all primary anomaly that is associated with it is expected to be removed around the time of the September equinox.

What is remaining is whatever is left of the Yaldabaoth entity with toplet plasma bombs and plasma primary anomaly in its body.

Yaldabaoth entity is beginning to realize that its time is almost over and is reacting very strongly to the increasing incoming energies from the Galactic Center. This is the reason for extremely difficult energies and situations many are experiencing right now.

The Archons and the Cabal are misusing the excited plasma of the Yaldabaoth entity to increase the strength of plasma vortexes in order to trigger extreme weather.

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A New Cobra Interview by Rob Potter

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

A New Cobra Interview by Rob Potter


Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another special edition of the Victory of the Light Radio Show.

I’m your host, Rob Potter. I’m broadcasting from here in Los Angeles from inside the home of Eduardo Hernandez the Head of the leadership group of Prepare for Change. He’s kindly allowing me to do this interview from here.


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Joint Cobra / Corey Interview for the Unity Meditation

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Joint Cobra / Corey Interview for the Unity Meditation

Cobra and Corey

The Light forces have asked me to publish this interview right during the partial Lunar eclipse, which is happening now on a very powerful timeline node just 14 days prior to the total Solar eclipse, to strengthen the impact of the message for unity.

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Situation Update

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Now that the Cabal could not trigger World War 3 directly:

they have turned to electronic warfare.

Aside from many times mentioned plasma scalar weapons, they are now using directed energy weapons to their fullest, targeting key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors in an obvious attempt to remove them from the surface of the planet, as the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors with the power of their unified consciousness are one of the main obstacles in Cabal's plans to create global war.

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Planetary Situation Update

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces are intensively clearing the head of the Yaldabaoth entity with all plasma anomaly and plasma toplet bombs and all plasma scalar technologies of the Veil. Realizing that they are going to lose, the Chimera have stepped up the plasma attacks on the key Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that are beyond brutal.


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Taiwan Ascension Conference Report

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Ascension conference was strategically placed in Taipei, close to the center of the densest human population and located in one of the places with the highest percentage of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors on the planet.

Our group was amazing and certain important projects were initiated. These projects will be made public at a more advanced stage of their completion.

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Situation Update

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Clearing of the Chimera group continues. There was a drastic improvement of the situation in our Solar System lately. The Light forces have managed to clear most of the plasma anomaly from the Solar System and beyond, and the vast majority of plasma anomaly with most remaining toplet bombs is now accumulated close to Earth within 3 Earth radii from the Earth center.


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