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Messages from the Soul Collective - Return of the Kingdom-Reptilian Brain

Friday, November 6, 2020

Messages from the Soul Collective - Return of the Kingdom-Reptilian Brain

The Circle Of Life

Credit: Marmont Hill The Circle of Life

Good morning Beautiful Souls! Are you finding your inner peace yet or are you worrying too much about outcomes that have already been decided?

Can you see that the only responsibility you have in this now is to heal yourself and find your own inner power? This is a time of great joy and great awakening to all and when that chance is taken, it forever changes your world for you. Take it! It’s yours and you deserve it.

I have been speaking ad nauseam about the Reptilian Brain but did you know that it controls all of what I have listed below? Are you aware that it has so much control of your four body system that you had no idea you were under that much of it? It means letting it go and taking control of you and this is where we are all moving into in this now.

There will be some discomfort, some physical feelings such as pain in the body, stomach issues, sleep disruption, dizziness, foggy in the head, sore throat, runny nose, feeling edgy and out of sorts. All of these are symptoms of your ascension into 5D. Take it!

Be aware of those items listed below, be acutely in the know about what has happened to you over the past 42,000 years because it is a small blip in your real time of being a spirit, it is a small and tiny little part of you, and yet, you have made it the biggest part of you that you can possibly imagine.

Why? In order to wake up, learn about yourself, take your healing, remove the reptilian brain and allow yourself to become who you truly are. This is all happening in this now and it feels uncomfortable and it is necessary, you are all a very important part of this puzzle we call life, eternity, spirit, space, beings and all that is attached to those energies.

Never dispute your nobility, you are all Creator Gods who are here to learn how to create when it is your turn, it shall be your turn when you are completed here on this planet, you are learning at very rapid speed, you are becoming and it is changing this whole world and the cosmos as it happens.

Never, ever discount your power, be strong in your resolve to find the ‘real’ you who hides within this physical vessel. This physical vessel is your temporary place to play and find out your own secret self. As Jesus said in the Beattitudes of the Bible, do not go into the temple as the heathens, rather go into thy closet, thy secret self and there is where you will find the kingdom of God. This message is huge and yet, been misplaced, ignored even and even given no power whatsoever and it is a part of your ascendency, this is a part of who you are and what you are striving to complete in this lifetime. Yes, it is this lifetime that you will complete All That Is necessary to get you to where you are meant to be in your time.

When I speak of the Reptilian Brain, I will always use THE because it is not yours, it never belonged to you and it has always been an alien part of you. Remove it from all parts of your body and do it as quickly as you can, because the quickening is dependent upon you doing that very thing.

Realize that you have been running your four body system as an incomplete unit due to this addition to you. It was implanted within you in order to maintain certain controls over you while you are moving forward with your ascension and healing. Do not look at this as if it was ever a negative or terrible thing to happen to you, it was all a part of the big plan to get you to where you are in this now. Do not ever look at any experience in your lifetimes as a negative, it is what it is and you are learning very quickly how to become. This is a part of your plan, all of the plans of all of humankind are involved and a part of this whole picture.

Realize that everything you have been through up until this now has brought you here and there is no coincidence to that very action. It is divine and it is meant to be, just trust you are EXACTLY where you must be right now and that puts you in your sweet spot because it is all about you waking up and learning who you are.

Below is a list of the actions that the Reptilian Brain has effected your whole four body system for the past 42,000 years. As I have said, this was a part of your plan and the plan of all souls who divided and separated in order to learn this. Just look at all of the souls on the planet and know you are one with each and every one of them. That changes perspective on all things, you are one!

  • Reptilian Brain

  • Immune System

  • Noble Blood of Christ, Christ within

  • Karma/past lives/future lives

  • Death Implant in the thymus as part of the reptilian brain’s power over one

  • Residence of many disease within the body’s cellular system-reptilian

  • Reptilian presence within the royal blood, removing its immortality

  • Reptilian Beings’ ability to enter into our blood steams to control our immune systems, our peace and bring on fears, concerns, depression, instability and dis-ease

When you desire to remove it, just do the following and do it aloud, it is more powerful when spoken aloud. This will cover what is necessary to take you into your highest good, your highest power and your abilities will come through:

“I call in my higher self now

I now demand and command that the Reptilian Brain be removed for now and for all time and returned to the Reptilians and Draconians. I no longer desire for this to be a part of my four-body system and I am sovereign from this moment onward. I give no permission for any demonic implants, dark energy, negative entities, negative icons and symbols and they are removed now.

I am a sovereign being on this planet and I give no permission for any negative to enter into my bodies from this moment onward and I am powerful and strong and my pineal gland is now awakened to its fullest potential and to my origin of perfection.

My Thymus gland is now awakened in order to bring me to my fullest potential with my spirit and my physical merging as one.

I now remove all issues of past karma and past lives, they no longer reflect in my now.

I now remove the death implant from my Thymus and I am fully awakened and activated.

I remove the karmic attribute of any dis-ease within my four body system, I am fully in my healthy and healed power, there are no longer any dis-ease markers within my bodies, blood stream or cellular structure.

I now activate my Noble Blood of Christ and the Christed energy within my four body system.

I now remove all vestiges of any reptilian energy within any part of my body’s system and cells.

I now awaken my immortality and reactivate my Human Growth Hormone within my Pineal Gland and I now awaken this immortality throughout my merged endocrine/kundalini and chakra systems.

So it is NOW!"

You are loved, you are amazing and you are beautiful souls. Never forget that and never forget how the oneness will unite us all when the time is right and it is soon!

Do this exercise as often as you desire and you will feel physiological changes, your body will heal instantly rather than waiting. You will sleep better, you will feel fearless, you will feel joy and serenity rather than fear and worry.

The back of your head will stop being either bubbly or pushed out a bit, it will go back to its origin of perfection, which is you, God within, trust and strength. Be who you are meant to be in this now, it is time. You are more ready than you have ever known.

I love you with my whole heart and I send you blessings of so much care and respect, whoever you are, you are so loved.

By Julie Severn

November 6, 2020