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Thursday, June 02, 2016

AGN Veg Cobra interview

Galactic Codex

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with a major planetary liberation group for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 721 entries to this date.



Hello Cobra and Thank you for accepting our invitation for an interview with AGN VEG

Thank you also for all of your many amazing and selfless ways in which you help our current home planet to be liberated and healed

Humanity at large and all beings remain eternally grateful to you

For our readers and blog visitors who are new to Planetary Liberation, EVENT and everything else surrounding these topics, please visit these links to learn more about WHAT Co.BR.a represents and who he is

in his blog

there are many fascinating current and archived postings, since 2012 up to date, with very special details about the hidden events behind our solar system and planet liberation

as well as how to prepare for the amazing incoming PLANETARY CHANGES

We are in the process of translating this interview in more languages and posted on this same page as they become available

This is our first translated Romanian version


Dear Cobra

We felt compelled to contact and ask your permission for such interview only because you were the first and remain the only key person among other planetary liberation groups and movements who in 2012 through your blog, has addressed the elephant in the room, which is:

“after the EVENT, we will stop killing/eating animals and recognize them for who they truly are."

It was this very statement that I read in 2012 in your blog, that gained my instant attention and trust in everything else that you share and do, because no one else did it up to that point.

This interview represents the voice and concerns of countless billions of souls, in human or animal bodies, with or without voices.

Today’s interview is based on a series of Q&A list, between AGN Veg and Cobra, addressing what we’ve identified as the Elephant in the Room, most no one in the planetary liberation movements and organizations has addressed yet in depth

We only provide here the transcript of the audio interview which took place in May 2016

It is about the connection between our planet, our Earthlings co inhabitants, the foods we eat, how they are processed and its relationship with humanity from a planetary, galactic, esoteric/spiritual as well as physical perspective and implications.

The Event

The Interview

AGN Veg. Being aware that the word ANIMA means SOUL in old Greek , VITALITY and that the word SENTIENT applies to all souls and conscious spiritual beings in whatever temporary form they may take on, able to feel joy and pain, pleasure and suffering, is it not correct that ALL ANIMALS are SENTIENT BEings?

Cobra Yes, of course, all animals are sentient beings and they feel all spectrum of emotions the human beings can so the advice would be to treat them as human beings

AGN Veg. Is it true that the souls in what we came to know as animals came here millions of years before humans have?

Cobra Yes, it is known as evolution process and some of the animals were native to this planet and some animals came or were imported from some other planets

AGN Veg. Besides their own spiritual evolution, is it true that their original purpose for being here was/is of anchoring higher dimensional energies through their bodies and consciousness, into planetary grid after Mother Earth transformed from her initial crystalline state to the current rocky state following galactic wars?

Cobra For some animals yes but not for all animals, for example dolphins and whales came from Sirius Star System to anchor a certain specific, energy grid for this particular planetary transformation

Garden of Eden
AGN Veg.

Lately, I’ve seen very often horses, cows and goats in TRANCE like, meditative state as if they are receiving some sort of transmissions. Is it accurate to say that they are Grounding through their pure consciousness and bodies Higher dimensional energies?

Cobra They are not consciously grounding those energies but they feel those energies and they are perceiving them in their own way and connecting with them in their own way

AGN Veg. Have the beings known as animals been created in 5D realms and if so, are they still connected to their 5D homes

Cobra Everything and Every sentient being came from the Source and different beings had different streams of evolution, different history but we all, all living beings originate from the Source and have and all living beings are experiencing the Primary Anomaly in their own way and all beings are reconnecting with Source in their own way except for those who have chosen with free will not to

AGN Veg. Is it true that the old black magicians have used rituals of sacrifice, of both animals and humans, forcing a soul out of its physical form against its natural time of transition, as part of darkness based practices for negative spiritual purposes?

Cobra Yes, unfortunately this is true


AGN Veg. Is it not our current system of forcing over 600 hundred millions of souls out of their physical bodies in animal form every 5 days for food part of the same old darkness practice, only at much larger scale and part of the archonic programmings?

Cobra Actually, I would say, partially, humans' need to eat meat is manipulated in a way which allows certain forces to misuse that need to continue the practice of sacrifice in a more I would say socially accepted fashion for the surface of the planet, so some people still have a need to eat meat but the way how this is being done in the current society it is absolutely not right


AGN Veg. The life of a being in cow form is 25 years. Is it not a very serious violation of UNIversal laws to force a soul out of its physical shell before its natural time to transition, say only after 5 years?

Cobra Yes, of course it is against the natural laws in the rest of the Universe, they don't do it, this is happening only on this planet at this point

AGN Veg. How is the age old war on the Feminine, Goddess aspect of Creation reflected with respect to the fact that humans have been manipulated to agree on practically exploiting and stealing/consuming Life bearing and Life sustaining animal foods such as eggs, milk and animal flesh? Isn’t it there an intimate esoteric connection? Is the historical suppression, exploitation and abuse of human females connected to historical suppression, exploitation and abuse of animal females for their eggs, milk and flesh from an esoterical, spiritual perspective?

Cobra I would say all forms of the misuse of the animal life is strongly connected with the suppression of the feminine principles


AGN Veg. Is there any esoteric connection between the dark rituals of animal sacrifice and the fact that in the middle of each table, during each religious/traditional celebration, in each culture of any nation, there lies the sacrificed sentient being, whether is the lamb, the turkey or the pig?

Cobra Actually, this custom is a reflection of the older sacrifice rituals which were held in the open and is a remnant of those


AGN Veg. All around the world there are many thousands of slaughterhouses. Are these locations being used by the dark entities for heavy energetic harvest for lower astral realms?

Cobra Not only the lower astral realms but also etherical and especially the plasma plane but is true, basically is true

AGN Veg. Each minute in the world, based on the animal killing counter clock sources, 200,000 animals per Minute (or 600 Million every 5 days) are being killed for food. How is this affecting the overall planetary energetic level?

Cobra Of course all this killing is being felt on the planetary scale quite dramatically and that influences the conditions of the energy body of the planet and all this will be dealt with at the time of the EVENT

Ego vs. Eco

AGN Veg. Where are these colossal numbers of souls in animal bodies come from?

Cobra I would say the group souls of different animal species are from basically the astral and etheric plane and many of those soul emanations from the group soul get incarnated on the physical plane, especialy at this time

AGN Veg. Before projecting here are they aware of what awaits them here before incarnating?

Cobra They understand to a certain degree but not completely

AGN Veg. What happens to them, to their souls immediately upon being slaughtered? Where do they go?

Cobra OK, the animal soul leaves the body a few moments before the trauma gets too big and then the animal is returned to their animal group soul on the etheric and astral planes

AGN Veg. I read in a book on life after death and near death experience how the soul of a human gets propelled right out of its physical body at impact through an accident for example, before the pain gets too much to this valid for the souls in animal bodies too?

Ego vs. Eco

Cobra Yes, exactly

AGN Veg. Why aren’t they defending themselves, using their will and physical power, against human abusers,oppressors and those who kill them?

Cobra Because they are being conditioned by pain and because the handlers of the animals use quite much violence to supress animal's free will

AGN Veg. So, if the soul gets out of the body before very harsh pain starts to be experienced, what kind of force or mechanism keeps the body moving as the body bleeds (such as the chicken whose head has been cut off and it continues to move)? Is there any type of life cord still binding the body to its soul?

Cobra OK, the soul gets out of the body but there is still some connection with the physical brain and there is also electrical discharge of the electrical current in the central nervous system and this is creating some movement of the body

AGN Veg. Hopefully, there won't be much pain left to be felt after the soul gets out?

Cobra Much less pain at that moment

Ego vs. Eco

AGN Veg. If pain and suffering were not part of the Source’s plan for creation why did animals “agreed” to it based on some (mis) conception running among some spiritual teachings?

Cobra Animals are here, experiencing the Primary Anomaly in their own way

AGN Veg. With now many thousands of breatharians and millions of vegans, knowing we have been designed as frugivores to thrive of FOOD that grows straight from the ground, not by killing for sustenance other beings (except for isolated circumstances such as people living in extremely cold climates who have adapted to survive on animal flesh), are we making a gradual comeback, a return to our original crystalline form, requiring less and less solid food and more and more higher vibrational fresh food?

Cobra This is true for the more spiritually developed people but for the majority of humanity people will still eat meat but this will be from a different perspective, different consciousness

AGN Veg. Is the food we crave (ON AN ENERGETICAL LEVEL) each moment directly proportional with our inner state of consciousness and emotional/mental state?

Cobra There is a relation but there is also a lot of manipulation by the cabal on the food we eat...we are actually forced and manipulated into eating certain kinds of foods, certain amount of foods and certain types of foods...I would speak for most of humanity, this is true...

Time is an Illusion

AGN Veg. Is it true that as Humans are harvested energetically by dark entities, so are the animals, directly and Through us?

Cobra Yes, exactly

AGN Veg. Every 24 hrs, animal agriculture is wiping off 200,000 hectars of forest worldwide, has almost wiped off our planets' lungs (Amazon forest) and is by far the most devastating ecocide source, after nuclear waste. In this context, after EVENT, will we have immediate solutions such as advanced food producing methods and food replicators to completely replace all animal agriculture?

Cobra This process will take some time but it will be quite fast

AGN Veg. We already have unlimited MEAT/DAIRY/EGGS/FISH plant based alternatives and options to replace the animal protein foods with the same texture and taste, only healthier with all of our required nutrients without using the "killing for living is necessary" dogma anymore. Will the food replicators be programed with all these nourishing and tasty animal foods alternatives?

Cobra Yes, of course, this will be available

AGN Veg. What will it happen to the many billions of animals currently held captive through food, profit, fashion, experiments, "entertainment", “sports”, work and many other uses once they are released from captivity and exploitation?

Cobra They will start living their own lives, more connected with nature, more free and in more harmony and purpose

AGN Veg. How long after the event, approximately it is estimated that any and all forms of animal exploitation and killing becomes completely obsolete, illegal?

Cobra I would say in a few months time all this will be solved throughout the planet

AGN Veg. Will we have technological assistance from Light Forces in this direction and in solving all these related complicated issues through implementation of the Galactic Codex in our world?

Cobra Yes

AGN Veg. In Thiaoouba prophecy book

was shared how in certain 4th dimensional realms, humans or other beings still consume the flesh of other beings but they never kill them, only wait for them to Naturally pass and then ask permission for their bodies and consume them with gratitude, to the soul that left its body behind. Is this true?

Cobra This was true for some civilizations across the universe, yes...


AGN Veg. We know that all souls in creation embark on a continuous spiritual evolution and expansion. Are the souls in current temporary animal bodies Ascending and becoming our future co creators?

Cobra They are not ascending because before ascending they need to go through a human evolution also but they will have their own accelerated development as they go through their own process sometimes in the future

AGN Veg. Is it true that SPECIESM is the root cause of our planetary xenophobia, racism, supremacism, elitism, and we need to heal it before we can expect to naturally evolve into a more advanced galactic civilization where hundreds of thousands of other galactic species co exist in peace and harmony without exploiting and killing each other?

Cobra All this is part of the process we are going through right now

AGN Veg. Is the FREE WILL of a being to kill and eat another being against the killed being’s FREE WILL to LIVE still valid as FREE WILL?

Cobra It is free will but it is not directed towards the goal of evolution of the universe

AGN Veg. Are there many other liberated worlds by the Galactic Confederation that were in similar situation with respect to the sheer# of beings killed on a daily basis for food and many other reasons?

Cobra This was happening quite much in the past throughout the galaxy but as the planet became liberated it was happening less and less

AGN Veg. Will the Galactic Codex be implemented equally, at the very same time for both human and non human beings after EVENT?

Cobra Yes

AGN Veg. Can we get a glimpse into the general food consumed by the Pleiadians as well as by the rest of the Galactic Confederation members and how is mainly produced?

Cobra Pleiadians don't eat much food, basically they have a certain elixir, a certain type of beverage they use daily and this is sufficient for them...some of them still eat certain kind of fruits but this is not necessary for their survival

AGN Veg. On each Ascended planet is a large variety of sentient beings peacefully coexisting side by side or each planet has a limited variety of beings?

Cobra It depends on the planetary situation...some planets have more diversity, some planets less, but all beings that exist on that planet have learned to co exist peacefully

End of interview

Closing words

Cobra, on behalf of MANY BILLIONS of beings in both animal and human form and on behalf of Mother Earth, a soul felt THANK YOU and eternal, infinite gratitude, love and appreciation for this interview and for all that you do.

With Love Victory of Light!

AGN VEG and team

Cobra Thank you very much

Vegan Planet